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Q & A with Gabriel Iglesias

by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings

Gabriel Iglesias is a local stand-up comedian and actor who has a great passion for sports.

A long-time Kings fan, Iglesias will be performing at Microsoft Theatre later this month. He recently stopped telling jokes and sending tweets to answer these questions from in-between prepping for his show (Fluffy Breaks Even) on Fuse.

Q: Most hockey players have a nickname.  How do you think Fluffy would be in a pro sports locker room? 

A: Fluffy would be well respected and probably smacked on the butt a lot.  

Q: What are your skating abilities? 

A: Non-existent.  If I fell on the ice.  Boom.  It's over. 

Q: Would you be a good NHL goalie?

A: Standing on skates would be a challenge, so doing the actual of duties of a goalie would be nearly impossible.  

Q: At age 39, are you concerned your window to play in the NHL might be closing? 

A: It is truly heartbreaking.  I had such high hopes for my professional hockey career.  What am I gonna tell my kid?

Q: You at one point lost more than 100 pounds.  In all seriousness, what is the best advice you can give to someone who is looking to do the same? 

A: It's not complicated.  Eat less and workout more!

Q: You were raised in the Los Angeles area but you were born in San Diego – what is the hockey scene like there? 

A: It's not as active as Los Angeles.  Kings fans are hardcore!

Q: What led you to a career in stand up? 

A: Going way all started with watching Eddie Murphy's "Raw" and thinking for the first time, that being a comedian is something one could do for a job.  It's still surreal that it is my full time job. 

Q: The Kings travel on a charter plane when they travel.  What is the travel like in stand-up? 

A: Sometimes I do.  When my tour rates are routed and there are no direct flights between cities, we may get a charter jet.  For the most part I'm flying commercial.  

Q: What is your view on fighting in hockey?

A: I'm a lover, not a fighter, but more power to them.  Whatever gets them amped up to play well on the ice.

Q: Being a pro athlete is a pretty good gig but it seems like a great gig in your industry to do voices for a cartoon show.  What do you wear when you do that job? 

A: Whatever I want.  That is part of the beauty of voiceover work.  Shorts and t-shirts is my normal everyday attire.  

Q: One of your next shows is at our Microsoft Theatre across the street from STAPLES Center, but the Kings have a (road) game that night on TV.  Why should Kings fans show up for your show and not watch the Kings-Coyotes contest on December 26?

A: Sometimes a Kings fan needs a break from watching great ice fights and all that action.  If you come across the street and see the "Fluffy Breaks Even" tour, you will share some laughs with my friend and I.  Choose wisely and I won't hold hard feelings either way, but I would love to see you at my show. 

Special Thanks – Justin Stephens

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