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Practice Report: Dec 5

by Jon Rosen / Los Angeles Kings
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Darryl Sutter -

On Martin Jones appearing “poised” and “relaxed”:
He’s been here. He was here as our third guy through a lot of our playoff experience. And he’s in the same age group as a lot of these guys, and he’s played with a lot of [those] guys, so I think the characteristic would be that he’s ‘comfortable’ with it. [Reporter: It didn’t surprise you.] Well, I mean, when you look at it, shootouts are about 70% goalie success…and that was a nine, both goalies. That was an extended one in terms of goalies performance. [Reporter: Still, for a rookie, facing the likes of Selanne, Perry, Getzlaf.] It’s just one shot, and it’s them skating at you. It’s no different than the first guy taking his shots and skating…it sounds cool and all that. Again, you watch New Jersey last night, so they put the boy in. He scores, it’s like a big deal. It’s a big deal for Martin Jones because we got the point. If they’d have scored it, we’d have lost.

On using Drew Doughty in the shootout:
You know what? I thought in San Jose, the one we lost up there, I should’ve put him in, and I thought that about Dwight King, too. I told both their dads that. I cost them the point ‘cause their sons weren’t in the shootout.

On whether he had been through a 5-on-4 in overtime, and the various overtime scenarios that developed on Tuesday:
No. And actually, we had a three-on-three here. I put two forwards out to kill one penalty – Richie and Stolly. So they were out there with the D. When Robyn got banged up, even though we flipped the switch over, getting on the other tank, we had some guys that didn’t have [anything] in the other tank.

On what he had heard about Jeff Schultz’ play in Manchester from hockey operations:
I really didn’t ask them. [Reporter: What was your final, lasting impression of him from training camp?] He was on a one-way contract, and he didn’t make our team. You’ve got to make the camp out of training camp. We talked about that. I thought that Keaton and Marty were both ahead of him after training camp.


Matt Greene -

Matt Greene, on how he feels after additional practices:
I feel good now. You can’t really replicate skating, so the first couple days are always tough after you take some time off. It’s good, though…The coaches get out there and really pound you those first couple days. It’s the only way to get your legs underneath you. It’s no fun doing it, but it’s necessary

Greene, on how close he is to returning:
I think I’m getting closer. I don’t think you can put a date on it yet, but I think I’m getting closer and more comfortable, and it’s nice to get today and tomorrow in for practice with the full team.

Greene, on whether he faces any ill effects due to the injury:
Just trying to get healthy, man. That’s it.

Greene, on Martin Jones:
Jonesy played great. He’s really calm in net, really smooth, too. I shouldn’t be giving goaltending critiques because I really don’t look at either side, but he looked really good. It’s really special for a guy to get his first win up here, especially against a big rival, and the way he did it in the shootout with some big name guys shooting against him. So it’s fun to watch, a big accomplishment for him, and everybody’s happy for him. [Reporter: Perry, Getzlaf and Teemu. Jeez, just a murderer’s row there.] Yeah, pretty cool. He can tell his buddies about that one.

Trevor Lewis - 

Trevor Lewis, on whether he’s getting to where he needs to be:
Yeah. Getting better. It felt good to get out there with the guys again today. I was just saying how it’s boring. When you’re injured, you’re not around the guys as much, so it’s nice to just get out there and skate with the guys again.

Lewis, on conditioning while rehabbing injury:
That’s one part you’ve got to get back. Definitely there’s nothing else like skating. I’ve been skating skating kind of by myself for a while now, but it’s a whole different level when you get a little bodies in there, and trying to protect the pucks and stuff like that. I’m feeling better, but maybe I’ve got a little bit more to go here.


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