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Post-Game Wrap-Up, Game 4

by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings


(Top Guys): “Yeah I think that the veteran group of the older guys played really well. They matched their veteran group.”

(Played from start to finish): “There wasn’t much difference from Game 3 to Game 4. I mean it was 3-2, and instead of them making it 3-3 we made 4-2.”

(Will Dustin Brown be on the top line for game 5): “It could be.”

(Justin Williams): “He has played a lot of playoff games, so he is used to it. He has played in big games, so he is the guy that usually does respond.”

(Game to Game): “I don’t think there is any momentum from game to game, other than to try and play the same way.


(Re game recap): “I think we were better in our defensive zone. I still think we gave up way too many opportunities. Quick made some big saves. At the end of the day we’ve still got to clean it up because they had a lot of chances."

(Re playing on first line): “For me it’s just getting to the net. If I can blow my way to the net it opens up ice for those guys. I think Gaborik’s goal in the beginning of the third is a result of it. I gave that guy a lot of space so he’s going to put it in the net. That’s my job; to create that space for him.”


(Re game recap): “We’re certainly happy we got the win but we feel we have a long road to go obviously. We’re going to take another step in San Jose and it’s going to be a tough one. You’re happy to play in the playoffs but you want to excel in the playoffs and we haven’t been able to do that so far in this series. We’re trying to push it game by game and win one more next game.”

(Re next game): “Every game gets harder and harder. They say the close-out game is always the hardest. We have a lot of character right here and we’re certainly not going to call it quits. We’re going to try and give them a good push. You need to put this behind you. They’re obviously a great team on home ice and they’ve shown it throughout the past decade it seems. By the way we started we would’ve had to have won one there (San Jose) and now we’re going to have to try to win a couple more.”


(Re game recap): “We had some open nets in situations that we didn’t score on but that happens sometimes, you have to be able to respond and be resilient after that. If we give up five tonight, we’re not winning against a team that can defend the way they do and have the goaltending the way they do. We can talk about the ones we missed but I’m a little more concerned about the ones we gave up.”

(Re game recap): “I didn’t like our net play, simple as that. I thought we had some intensity to our game and I thought we were as desperate as they were, but we didn’t execute anywhere near the way they did. When we go back to the goals it’s quite easy to pinpoint some of the mistakes that we made and for us to have success moving forward, that has to get cleaned up quickly.”

(Re net play): “When I say net play I don’t mean our goaltender. I better make that really clear, I’m not talking about our goaltender. I’m talking about the goaltender, the d-men, the forwards down low and the secondary chances we gave up. I’m definitely not talking about one individual with pads on.”


(Re game recap): “I don’t necessarily think the scoreboard did us justice. I think we played a pretty solid game, I think they just got some more of the puck bounces tonight, but you know we showed a lot of fight, we came down here and did what we’re supposed to do, now we have to go home and do our job.”

“I think we played good enough to win tonight. You know, just some weird bounces, but we played solid now we just go home and be in front of our fans and try to finish this thing off. “

(Re power-plays) “I think they got momentum off the power play. The power play looked dangerous all night. I think we might have had three power plays; we probably should have scored on all three, looked sharp. I think once we didn’t score on that one, they came back and scored two, but it looked sharp and it was a positive thing for us tonight. “


(Re game recap): They played in our end a little bit more, up until the third there, they played well. We didn’t fore-check the first two periods the way we wanted to, but we came back in the game, we had chances, tightened up a little on our d-zone and scored on a couple of our chances. Score could have been reversed so, we’re still up 3-1, we have to go home and we have to win a game at home.

We played well but we also made a lot of mistakes, and we’ll go over that I’m sure tomorrow. We know we need to be better to beat that team, we know that they were going to be desperate tonight, they were and the first two periods they were better than we were, so in the third we played better and hopefully we’ll start on time in game 5.


•The Kings are now 11-1-1 in the last 13 meetings vs. SJ at STAPLES Center (since Nov. 28, 2011)

•The Kings are now 10-2 in their last 12 home playoff games (since June 11, 2012)

•The Kings have scored 14 goals so far in the series (3.50 per game)

Marian Gaborik had his second career two-goal game in the playoffs (other was May 2, 2003 vs. VAN)

Justin Williams had his second career two-goal game in the playoffs (other was May 28, 2013 vs. SJ)

Jeff Carter has a point in each game in the series (1-3=4)

Anze Kopitar has a point in each of game in the series (0-4=4)

•Three NHL teams have overcome a 0-3 series deficit (last was PHI over BOS in 2010) – Richards and Carter on that team

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