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Post-Game Notes: Blues vs. Kings

by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings
  • Michal Handzus has four points in the last three games (1-3=4)
  • Alec Martinez has assists in three straight (3a)
  • Jack Johnson has 13 points in the last 12 games (2-11=13)
  • Drew Doughty played in his 200th NHL game tonight
  • Teams combined for only six penalty minutes tonight (LA: 2, STL: 4)
  • That’s the fewest combined penalty minutes this season
  • That’s the fewest penalty minutes by the Kings this season
  • The last time the Kings had zero penalty minutes in a game was Feb. 19, 1977 vs. Boston

(Re game recap): “There were a couple of goals there I just don’t like. You know, it makes it very hard for a team that’s trying to battle through to get something going when we give up that first one on a wrist shot from the boards…that’s a play we’ve got to either step in front of as a D-group or we’ve got to get a stop on those. The other one was the puck lying around after a shot on the sideboards and we get beat to the net. That’s were you’ve got to get body position.”

(Re what the team needs to do better): “You’re going to have to do it right. You have to make sure you’re on the right side of people. Your D-zone coverage especially is critical and you’ve got to have the right positioning in order to shut the opposition down. Those were simple wrist shots coming to the net, they’re really nothing plays.”

(Re how the team played): “We need to be better. I thought we played pretty good here tonight, we’re starting to get a little bit of confidence, we’ve got some flow to our game, we had some skating going after the first period, I thought we were picking it up on that side of it. We just had too many turnovers again coming through the neutral zone.”

(Re breaking losing streak) “I thought we made some good decisions, but the few bad decisions, they ended up coming back at you and they had scoring chances off of it.  So we just have to get on board with everybody and doing the right thing for the 60 minutes and it looks like that’s the only way we’re going to break through on this thing right now.”

(Re game recap): “There’s a lot of positives of today’s game but the big negative is that we lost.  We were positive on the bench, we were positive in the room, we had a good hard work game I think, we just never got rewarded.  I don’t think they outplayed us, I just think they capitalized on more of their chances than we did.  It’s not going to be easy to turn this ship around, we have understand it’s going to take everybody, it’s going to take a lot of hard work and effort and concentration by 24, 25 guys in here.  We just aren’t finding that right now.”

(Re slump): “It’s confidence, our chemistry is a little off, pucks are bouncing…we’re half a second late, we’re too far ahead of the play, it’s just not in sync right now as a five man unit on the ice.  We have some good shifts but you have to sustain that pressure, you have do it over and over again and we’re not doing that.”

(Re game recap): “We’re not getting the full 60 [minutes] for that part but we have to find ways to keep the momentum we usually gain from the first period into the second, and we seem to play a little bit desperate in the third; but if we can play desperate the whole way through, we’re a tough team to beat.”

(Re getting momentum back): “Simplify things, just sticking to the game plan, simplifying and getting the puck in deep.  Communicating with your linemates, communicating with your teammates, sticking together. We’ll find a way through this together but not one or two guys is going to do it.  Yes, guys have to step up and raise their level of play for sure, but it’s going to be with everybody in this locker room.”

“Everybody wants to win.  There’s a sense of urgency and a winning attitude, but it’s finding it and playing with confidence and building one period or one shift at a time to carry forth into the next and then into the game situations when you’re winning.”

(Re game recap):  “Team commitment to structure and to the defensive side of things.  Any time you come off a game where you’ve given up seven, you need to hit the reset button and commit to the right areas.  I thought all five guys had the right conscience and communicating our assignments well and got some big saves out of our goaltender (Jaroslav Halak) in the third.”

We’ve talked about what our formula looks like.  If we get ourselves away from that it’s a bigger challenge to win a hockey game then we need to make it.  We got ourselves back on track tonight.”

(Re game recap):  “There was urgency from both teams.  We dropped five in a row, too, so both teams were a little on edge and pretty anxious to get the ball rolling the other way.  It was good for our team and we just have to keep going.”

(Re called up): “I was nervous a little bit the first time.  I’m settling in a little bit, trying to get to know the guys.  I played with McRae (Philip McRae) the past two weeks.  I kind of know his tendencies, so I’m a little more comfortable right now.”

11:30 at Toyota Sports Center


Post Game Quotes Compiled By: Lindsay Alder, Katie Sutherland and Sophie Pustil
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