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by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings
Each Monday during the month of March, Kings goalie Mathieu Garon will post his journal of thoughts on the weeks upcoming and past events. Be sure to check out each entry.

Mathieu Garon Journal Entry Three | Read Entry Two | Read Entry One
Mar. 20, 2006

We've had a game every other day lately and that kind of schedule is going to continue into April. So, when I do get a chance to practice, I try to work on little things that need to be a little sharper in games.

We haven't been practicing a lot because we've been playing so many games, so I'm just trying to focus on the puck and the little things during practice with the hope that I can carry that into our the games.

The first couple of drills during practice are usually shooting drills, geared toward warming up Jason LaBarbera and myself. After that, we usually go into game-specific drills like 3-on-2's, power plays and breakouts. After practice, Jason and I like to go through two or three more drills geared toward the goalies. It's also always good to stay after practice to take extra shots from your teammates.

By this time of the year, I find myself stopping pucks in my sleep on most nights. It's part of the game. Everyone has a job to do and it's hard not to bring your job home with you because of the pressure.

My one-year-old son likes hockey, but I'm not sure if goaltending is in his future. Of course, I'll encourage him if he wants to play the game, no matter what position he chooses. Right now, it looks like he wants to be a forward. He's always shooting pucks – taking one-timers all of the time.

We've got a couple of goalie sticks and a couple of regular sticks at home and he always goes for the regular sticks and then fires balls everywhere. If he continues to like hockey, I'll help him, but I'm not going to force him to play. He's going to do whatever he wants.

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