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Craig Conroy Journal Entry Four | Entry Three | Entry Two | Entry One
December 26, 2005

My wife Jessica and I met in college and she really didn't know what was going on when she watched me play. She was going to Potsdam State but I got her season tickets at Clarkson. My best friend would sit next to her and explain what was happening on the ice.

Everything was good, but then she started to get to know the rules and when I was in the minors, she made the mistake of trying to tell me what I was doing wrong.

That was the first and the last time that happened. I said, "I've got coaches and I know when I've screwed up. The last thing I need is someone else pointing out my mistakes."

Ever since that day, she's been great. If I ask her a question, she responds honestly. She knows all the rules now and everything that's going on. She's definitely turned into a hockey parent.

We have three daughters. Taylor is the oldest at eight, Sophia is six and Sydney is one. The three of them are probably the most affected by what I do. I think when we were in Calgary the two oldest began to realize what I did and what other people thought of it. In school, they felt like celebrities.

Taylor is really interested in hockey. She loves to go to the games, and she really watches it too. I remember the other night when Avery got slammed into the boards and she turned to my wife and said, "Uh Oh. Someone's going to be in trouble now."

She knows what all of the players are like and she watches all of the games on the road. It's nice, because I never would've thought any of the girls would care.

Sophia, on the other hand, could care less about hockey. Did you win? Yes. Good luck. Kiss goodbye and that's it. She doesn't want to go to the games. She's just not interested.

It's tough on the girls when I'm traveling all of the time. But, they've grown up with it and they're pretty good about it now. They know I've got a cell phone and they know the number if they want to call.

My schedule does allow me to see a lot of the kids when I'm not traveling. Today I dropped my kids off at school and came to the rink. I'll pick them up later this afternoon and then take them to gymnastics or figure skating or whatever. We really take advantage of our time together.

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