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OH MY GOURD: Ranking the Top 10 LA Kings Halloween Pumpkins

A breakdown of the best pumpkins designed by Kings players and their significant others

by PumperNicholl @PumperNicholl /

Today is the spookiest day of the year. And not just because we live in a universe where the LA Kings lost to the St. Louis Blues or because the LA Dodgers may watch the Houston Astros celebrate winning the World Series at Dodger Stadium tonight.

No, today is spooky because it's the last day of the month and I haven't fulfilled my monthly quota of articles for

So, here we are.

Each season, Kings' players and their significant others design their own pumpkins for Halloween and then auction them off to fans, with all proceeds going to the Kings Care Foundation.

It's a wonderful initiative and allows fans to a see a different side of the players.

I scrambled all night trying to track down any and all photos of Kings' player-designed pumpkins from the past few seasons. ...the results were less than ideal. Coincidentally, I am now starting a petition that the Kings begin cataloging all pumpkins from this day forward. We can't let history go undocumented, people.

Still, I was able to find a lot of great ones. And since this is a fun, charitable initiative, I figured we should pit these artistic gourds against one another and figure out which player has reigned supreme, and who needs to add "arts and crafts" to their offseason regimen.

10. Nic Dowd and Derek Forbort

In 2016, the two rookies went with a green theme.

Kings management was impressed Dowd kept in line with the organization's culture by selecting Leonardo, who the front office views as the the most serious, most spiritual, most disciplined, and most in-line with Splinter's Mike Futa's teachings out of all the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Meanwhile, Forbort went with "Nauseated Kyle Clifford." 

9. Anze Kopitar

Tweet from @theroyalhalf: Both Anze Kopitar and Anze Kopitar���s pumpkin have beautiful eyes. debuts his "Trevor Lewis on a Breakaway" pumpkin, complete with no hands.

8. Drew Doughty

Tweet from @theroyalhalf: Hmm, maybe Drew Doughty does think all the fans at Staples are saying ���BOOOOO��� after all. perfectly captured the reaction of all hockey fans in Ottawa when the 2016 Norris Trophy winner was announced.

7. Kyle Clifford

This season, the Kings created a Clifford Zombie Bobblehead, and everyone loved it.
So, of course, Clifford went with a great deep-pull by designing the Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz, the fabled character who only wanted a brain.

6. Jake Muzzin

Tweet from @theroyalhalf: I hope this pumpkin isn���t Dragon down Jake Muzzin���s possession numbers. took Muzzin 36 hours to design, so we put it up higher on the list to reward his time and effort.

5. Nic Dowd

Cartman trolling opposing fans forever <3

4. Alex Faust, Jim Fox, Nick Nickson and Daryl Evans

The biggest shame is that the behind the scenes footage of the Kings broadcasters all hanging out at Jim Fox's house working on this pumpkin was tragically lost.

3. Tanner Pearson

The run of #Those70sPumpkins begins!

2. Jeff Carter

Tweet from @Megan_Carter_: Super rough sketch of the #carter pumpkin for the @lakings and #kingscare auction next week! ��
Tweet from @Megan_Carter_: Tomorrow is the #kingscare @lakings players pumpkin auction at section 103. Come bid on @JeffCarter_77 pumpkin! �� to see a veteran leader respecting the Burger King logo

How could an adorable dog design that would easily win "Jack-o'-Lantern Madness" somehow not come out on top in this list?!

1. Tyler Toffoli

Toffoli's teenage rebellious streak against his father is clearly visible in pumpkin-form as he showcases his normal, light-hearted self in 2015 (left) before unveiling his brooding emo side in 2016 (right).

Tweet from @LAQueenofmeme: Oh. Em. Gee. This Toffoli pumpkin for @LAKingsCare ������ Is this your fine handiwork @CatBelanger !?������ #LAKings cupcake-consuming Toffoli who we all know and love on display.
Nothing can possibly top this pumpk--

Tweet from @Julie_Sensweety: Who has the best pumpkin? Toffoli, #Sens Shane Prince, Ceci, Smith or Zanetti? #67s @Ottawa67sHockey All winners IMO! My. Sweet. Heaven.

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