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Off the Post: Rinks to the Links

by Deborah Lew / Los Angeles Kings

One of the first events of the season for most NHL teams is the club’s annual charity golf tournament. The Kings hit the links last month and helped raise more than $150,000 for the Kings Care Foundation.

Many people think that hockey and golf are very similar sports, but are they? Here’s an idea – how about we ask the guys who do both?

The Shot: How do your hockey skills translate to your golf game?
The Pass: Which of your teammates would make the best caddy?

Anze Kopitar
Shot: The slapshot and the swing – you can compare them a little bit. If I make good contact with the driver it might go far, but it might go far left, too.
Pass: Justin Williams

Mike Richards
Shot: You just try to shoot the puck as hard as you can and in golf I try to pretty much do the same thing every time. For the most part I just try to hit    the ball as hard as I can – ‘grip it and ‘rip it.
Pass: Brad Richardson – he’s always talking about golf.

Dustin Brown
Shot: They don’t.
Pass: Scott Parse – he’s very serious and he is very good at golf.

Simon Gagne
Shot: It’s a lot easier to play hockey than to play golf.  I’m not bad, I like to play golf, it’s one of my hobbies during the summer, but I need a lot of practice if I want to get close to the way I play on the ice.
Pass: Justin Williams is a good golfer and loves golf, so I think he would be a good caddy.

Trevor Lewis
Shot: I don’t think they do at all – I’m hooking the ball left, right, I don’t even know where it’s going anymore.
Pass: Matt Greene – he’s pretty loud and I think he’d give you some good tips.

Brad Richardson
Shot: Not at all. I’m a brutal hockey player but I’m a great golfer.
Pass: Justin Williams because he’s a great golfer, and I play with him all the time, he knows my clubs and he knows which shots I can hit, so I’d pick him.

Alec Martinez
Shot: With my driver I try to take a slapshot and it doesn’t really work out that  well for me. I slice more than an orange, but that’s it.
Pass: Dustin Penner – he likes to talk a lot.

Jonathan Quick
Shot: I can’t really shoot a puck and I can’t really hit a golf ball, so it’s pretty comparable.
Pass:  Rob Scuderi – he’d mess with the other guy’s head whomever you’re  playing against.

Ethan Moreau
Shot: They don’t, I’m pretty average at both.
Pass: Jarret Stoll

Jonathan Bernier
Shot: I’m a goalie and I don’t really shoot pucks so I’m pretty bad at golf.
Pass: Brad Richardson – he’s a great player.

Rob Scuderi
Shot: Hand-eye coordination.
Pass: Brad Richardson

Matt Greene
Shot: Really good – I’m not very good at hockey and I’m even worse at golf.  So it’s pretty much par for the course I guess. That’s a golf pun, unintended, too.
Pass: Can I tell you who would make the worse caddy? Brad Richardson because he never shuts up. He thinks he knows everything.

Jarret Stoll

Shot: I think I have a pretty good slapshot, so 102 miles per hour for my golf swing? Maybe a little more than that, maybe 110.
Pass: Brad Richardson because he’s pretty specific, he knows his golf and he won’t shut up about it.

Jack Johnson
Shot: Fortunately they don’t. I’m a terrible golfer, so I’m hoping they don’t Translate.
Pass: Scott Parse because he doesn’t talk.

Justin Williams
Shot: A slapshot is pretty similar to a golf swing, just hit it as hard as you can and kind of direct it where you kind of want to throw it and have some good hand-eye coordination. It’s exactly the same, just slap it as hard as you can.
Pass: Brad Richardson because he probably wouldn’t stop talking.

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