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Off The Post: New Year's Edition

by Deborah Lew / Los Angeles Kings

Editor’s Note: Throughout the season, staff writer Deborah Lew will boldly seek to satisfy the burning curiosity of fans by using current events and thought-provoking creativity to get a comprehensive off-the-ice look at the boys who’ve captured our hearts and our attention span 82+ nights every year. Each edition will feature two questions: 1) The “Shot,” which will relate to the player giving the answer; and 2) The “Pass,” which will ask the player to name a teammate. Keep checking back for new exciting editions of “Off the Post!”

Happy New Year!

This is the time of year when gym memberships are up, recreational sports leagues become popular, and fast food chains are passed over in favor of the deli counter at Whole Foods…at least, temporarily.

It’s New Year’s Resolution Season, and while many people’s resolutions revolve around health and fitness, resolutions are also widely considered short-lived. Professional athletes are already at the top of the physically fit column, and most would believe they’re fairly disciplined when it comes to setting goals.

But are they?

Relax…you know we did the dirty work!

The Shot: What is your New Year’s resolution?
The Pass: Which of your teammates is most likely to follow through with his resolution?

Brad Richardson
Shot: I still haven’t done mine from last year – it was supposed to be to learn the guitar, but it’s hard! I picked it up a couple times, got frustrated, put it back down. Still working on it!
Pass: Rob Scuderi, Justin Williams or Mike Richards….usually when they set something for themselves they stick with it. The only guy I know, besides myself, who wouldn’t do it, is Drew Doughty would be the worst. Everything he says is pretty much false!

Colin Fraser
Shot: I could really stop biting my nails. I tell myself that all the time, but I just never do it!
Pass: These guys in here? I don’t know if anyone is good at following through with New Year’s resolutions, but maybe Rob Scuderi – new father, has to set a good example for his now three kids.

Dustin Penner
Shot: I’m going to score more goals than I did this last year.
Pass: Drew Doughty

Simon Gagne
Shot: Help my wife more with the kids. She’s been really good since we moved here, with the kids, with me coming to a new team.
Pass: A guy that if he says something he’s going to do it is Jonathan Bernier.

Davis Drewiske
Shot: Give up pizza!
Pass: Kyle Clifford

Alec Martinez
Shot: Don’t have one yet, it’s too early!
Pass: Not Davis Drewiske!

Trevor Lewis
Shot: Score a goal!
Pass: Willie Mitchell

Jonathan Bernier
Shot: I’m going to get cheesy – to get better as a hockey player.
Pass: Trevor Lewis

Kyle Clifford
Shot: Win more games.
Pass: We’ve got all kinds of guys that would.

Mike Richards
Shot: I don’t make New Year’s resolutions because I never follow through with them – it’s a waste!
Pass: Definitely none of the younger guys. Maybe Colin Fraser or Rob Scuderi.

Kevin Westgarth
Shot: Be a better teammate, be a better LA King.
Pass: We’ve got a lot of dedicated people in here. Mike Richards – seems to be able to do whatever he puts his mind to.

Dustin Brown
Shot: Nothing yet.
Pass: No one!

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