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Off the Post: Mobile App Edition

by Deborah Lew / Los Angeles Kings
*Editor’s Note: Throughout the season, staff writer Deborah Lew will boldly seek to satisfy the burning curiosity of fans by using current events and thought-provoking creativity to get a comprehensive off-the-ice look at the boys who’ve captured our hearts and our attention span 82+ nights every year.

Each edition will feature two questions: 1) The “Shot,” which will relate to the player giving the answer; and 2) The “Pass,” which will ask the player to name a teammate. Keep checking back for new exciting editions of “Off the Post!”
Cell phones have revolutionized the way human beings live and function on a daily basis, affecting everything from professional communication to personal relationships and even driving habits.
In recent years, smart phones and mobile applications have made it more than convenient to do things like buy movie tickets, identify music, and make photo collages. Now, with the newly introduced LA Kings mobile application, fans can easily stay up to date with the all things Kings, straight from, Rich Hammond, and even Bailey the mascot.
Inspired by the mobile app itself, find out which smart phone applications your favorite Kings players enjoy, and – drumroll please – which player was unanimously voted as the one who spends the most time with the coveted communication device!
The Shot: What is your favorite smart phone app?
The Pass: Which of your teammates spends the most time on his phone?

Jonathan Bernier
Shot: Shazam
Pass: Dustin Penner
Jack Johnson
Shot: Wayin
Pass: Dustin Penner
Alec Martinez
Shot: HeyTell
Pass: Dustin Penner, hands down.
Trevor Lewis
Shot: Words With Friends
Pass: Dustin Penner
Matt Greene
Shot: I have a Blackberry that I can call and text on, that’s it.
Pass: Dustin Penner, by far!
Kyle Clifford
Shot: Blackberry Messenger
Pass: Dustin Penner
Jarret Stoll
Shot: Open Table
Pass: Dustin Penner
Kevin Westgarth
Shot: Where’s My Water?
Pass: Hands down, Dustin Penner.
Willie Mitchell
Shot: Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal
Pass: You know the answer already…Dustin Penner!
Anze Kopitar
Shot: GolfLogix
Pass:  Dustin Penner
Dustin Penner
Shot: Flixter
Pass: Everybody’s going to say ‘me.’ I’d say I’ve cut back – I’m in recovery, but every now and then I’ll have a relapse.
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