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Off The Post - Deck The Halls

by Deborah Lew / Los Angeles Kings
*Editor’s Note: staff writer Deborah Lew will boldly seek to satisfy the burning curiosity of fans by using current events and thought-provoking creativity to get a comprehensive off-the-ice look at the boys who’ve captured our hearts and our attention span 82+ nights every year. Each edition will feature two questions: 1) The “Shot,” which will relate to the player giving the answer; and 2) The “Pass,” which will ask the player to name a teammate. Keep checking back for new exciting editions of “Off the Post!”

So your normal parking spot at the local grocery story has been overrun by a fresh Christmas tree lot, and your favorite resting bench at the mall is now occupied by a gingerbread house-dwelling Saint Nick and his photo-taking elf.

Ah, the holidays are upon us.

But these are small sacrifices to make for the most wonderful time of the year, right? After all, ‘tis the season to transform our own homes into winter wonderland’s with trees, lights, menorahs, and inflatable snowmen.

And sometimes, we love the hustle and bustle so much that we try our best to extend its season by postponing the packing up of snow globes and stockings. Come on, who’s not guilty of wanting a little pine fresh scent on Valentine’s Day?

Find out as the LA Kings dish about their own décor decorum and which of their teammates has their halls decked out the longest!

The Shot: What’s the longest you’ve ever kept your holiday decorations up?
The Pass: Which of your teammates is most likely to still have holiday decorations up on Valentine’s Day?

Anze Kopitar
Shot: February
Pass: The Doughty and Lewis household.

Justin Williams
Shot: She might have trickled into February.
Pass: I don’t think Doughty and Lewis are going to put any up this year. Probably Stolly, he loves Christmas time.

Dustin Brown
Shot: End of January
Pass: Doughty if he has a tree.

Colin Fraser
Shot: I’m a quick taker-downer guy. New Year’s comes and let’s get it out of here.
Pass: Dewey and Lewie. Standard – those guys are lazy.

Jordan Nolan
Shot: In Manchester, two or three years ago, we left it for three to four months after. Me, Muzz and Kinger lived together, so we had it for a while.
Pass: There are a lot of guys who probably won’t put stuff up because they probably wouldn’t take it down.

Drew Doughty
Shot: A couple years ago I set up a tree in LA and it was up until probably February, until my parents visited and then my dad decided to take it down. Now, I won’t put anything up because I know I won’t take it down, so the tree is sitting in the garage.
Pass: Probably Trevor Lewis – he’s lazy – and he lives with me.

Alec Martinez
Shot: Sometimes I’ll leave it up until the New Year – pretty standard.
Pass: Probably Dewey.

Ben Scrivens
Shot: It’s kind of a tradition in Alberta, you just keep the Christmas lights up all year. I’m sure we’ve done that at some point. It’s tough to take them off and put them on, plus it starts snowing in October so it’s a little dangerous to get up there in late November on an icy ladder on an icy driveway trying to string up Christmas lights.
Pass: That’s implying that guys are putting stuff up, because there are guys who may or may not even get a tree up. I’d say Dewey probably – if Dewey puts something up it’s staying up for a while.

Matt Frattin
Shot: Until late January – I love Christmas!
Pass: I went to Stolly’s house yesterday and it was all decked out. But I could see probably Drew Doughty leaving it up for a long time just because he’s a little bit lazy, if he gets it up he doesn’t want to take it down.

Kyle Clifford
Shot: Uhhh….longest probably February maybe?
Pass: I think Dewey would just leave it year round.

Jake Muzzin
Shot: Even Halloween the pumpkins sit out there until the city comes and picks them up because they’re rotten. In Manchester we had a nice set up – it was very Christmasy in our apartment, you would have been impressed. We had homemade gingerbread houses, we spent a good hundred bucks on them! I enjoy the holidays, so yeah, we like to leave our stuff up for a long time.
Pass: If Dewey and Lewie put one up, it’d be up for a long time.

Trevor Lewis
Shot: I’ve never put one up by myself, so I can’t say ever.
Pass: Probably Stolly, I think he loves Christmas too much. He’s probably a year-rounder.

Mike Richards
Shot: A long time, actually. I’d say it might have even touched February or mid-February probably, if not, maybe later.
Pass: Drew

Tyler Toffoli
Shot: New Year’s – isn’t that normal?
Pass: Dewey

Linden Vey
Shot: About a month after Christmas.
Pass: Probably Toffoli – too lazy to take it down.

Matt Greene
Shot: Not long – I’m serious. We’re usually late getting it up and by that point it’s already on its last legs.
Pass: Jarret Stoll loves Christmas. I think he does have a tree up all year round, maybe in his room, I’m not sure. That man loves Christmas. Not due to laziness, just due to the love of Christmas.

Martin Jones
Shot: To be honest, I’m usually gone a day or two after Christmas for hockey, so I haven’t been around home to see how long it takes them to take it down.
Pass: Probably Doughty, he seems like he doesn’t like to clean up too much.

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