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by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings
As Sean O'Donnell quickly approaches his 1,000th National Hockey League game (he is scheduled to play in game No. 1,000 on Saturday, March 14 as the Kings play at San Jose at 7 p.m.), spoke with current teammates and coaches, broadcasters, as well as former teammates and coaches about the type of player and person that OD is.


Wow OD, a thousand games, congratulations bud. Great accomplishment. You have accomplished a lot over your career and this is just another statement to it. I want to take this time to wish you and Laura all the best from our family, continued success. Again congratulations on 1,000 games and remember, I will buy you dinner this summer." - Rob Blake


At my age now, I am only 19 and I hope I can play half as many games as he has. He is such a great person, on and off the ice, and he works as hard as he can every day and never takes a day off. He is such a good player and a great leader and I don’t think our team would be where we are without him. " - Drew Doughty


It’s a huge milestone for any player. Because of the type of player OD has been throughout his career - not being that offensive force, that all-star - I think it says even more about him as a person. In the situation he is in now, at the ‘so-called end of his career,’ coaches want quality people around for that role of mentor and anyone who comes in contact with him can see exactly the type of person he is. But this year, he has been more than just a good mentor, he has done a great job on the ice, which may have surprised some people. We all expected the leadership role, but his time on ice, and his play in his own end, he has been really great for the Kings this year." - Jim Fox


When you think about it, you have to play almost every single game for at least 13 years or so to reach that mark, so it quite the feat. There are not many guys that are able to achieve that mark and have that durability and effectiveness. It speaks volumes about OD, about his character and the way he takes care of himself. It is going to be a special moment for him and something he should be really proud of." - Denis Gauthier


It’s a huge accomplishment and something that is really respected around the league. It is a testament to OD’s character, guys get banged up night in and night out and to be able to play that many games and play well, is a really big honor. He is a real calming influence on this young team. " - Matt Greene


Sean is one of the ultimate team players in the game. It was a pleasure to play with him. He is one of those guys who defends his teammates at any cost, and he was nothing but a professional when I coached him. I'm not surprised he's played 1,000 games because he's just worked hard and made himself a National Hockey League player." - Wayne Gretzky


He has been playing for a long time. It is a great accomplishment to play in the league that long. He is a good guy to have around to ask questions, there are very few situations in this league that he has not already been in. He is a great guy to have around and has been a real leader on this team. " - Jack Johnson


Sean to me was a steady defenseman, a guy who came to play every night and a good example to the kids. He’s a great team player, any time there was an altercation or something like that, he was involved. He is a guy that you have a lot of confidence in, playing the game defensively, killing penalties; he was a guy you can count on at any time. For his 1,000 games, it is a great achievement and I wish him good luck for 1000 more. Congratulations. Hopefully you can have another 1,000 if you can survive it. Playing 1,000 games is a great achievement and you are doing it because it is very simple, you know the game, how it is played. You have been a very steady defenseman and an example for the kids because you want to play the game and you have a passion for the game. Congratulations and I hope the best for you in the future." - Jacques Lemaire


Sean is exactly what you are looking for in a veteran player, I thought he has played very well for us. As an older veteran, he logged a lot of ice time and gave us a lot of quality minutes. But the biggest thing with OD is the character. You couldn’t have a better guy in terms of what you want your younger players to aspire to. He is still there protecting them when needs be. I can’t say enough about him in terms of the character and what he brings to the room." - Dean Lombardi


Any time I see somebody away from the rink, in the off-season or whatever, somebody that was part of that [2007 Stanley Cup Championship] team, they’re always going to hold a little special place in my heart, in my mind. OD is one of those guys. He came in and battled hard for us. He was a great Anaheim Duck. He’s a great NHL player, and we wish him the best of luck. He’s a stand-up guy. He works hard every day. He’s going to be able to teach those young kids the way the game is supposed to be played. I can’t say enough good things about him. I never liked playing against him, and I’m certainly not going to like playing against him now." - Todd Marchant


When he first came in, he was not a rookie, he was much more seasoned and was not prone to rookie-type mistakes. He had the personality of a veteran right away. He had tremendous respect for the game and enjoyed being at the rink and always respected the guys who played before him. To watch Sean progress as a player and a person has been really fun. When the Kings brought him back in, I thought it was a very strong move by the organization. He is a great presence, a good professional and someone the young guys can emulate and learn from. " - Marty McSorley


Congratulations to Sean O’Donnell on the outstanding accomplishment of his 1,000th game in the National Hockey League. I saw him join the Kings as a rookie and take advice from the Kings veterans and now 1,000 games later I see him become the mentor and impart his vast experience and knowledge to current Kings rookie Drew Doughty. He has had many successful years in the NHL and won a Stanley Cup. The Los Angeles Kings are fortunate to have him back in a Kings uniform." - Bob Miller


When a player has played 1,000 games and reaches that milestone in his pro career, there are a whole lot of things that I think about. When you talk about that particular player, he must be a good player, be a contributor to the teams he has played on and be a high character guy and must have been fortunate in the sense that he has been injury free for much of his career. You are going to play hurt, and there are nights when it is not comfortable when you put the equipment on, but you have to dig deep mentally and emotionally to play. All those guys that have reached that milestone have gone through that. OD is that type of player. " - Terry Murray


It’s a great accomplishment for any player in the National Hockey League to play in 1,000 games. It is a grind every night, especially for a defenseman. I remember when he started his career with the Kings, he was in the Buffalo organization when Sam McMaster traded for him. When Sean came here to Los Angeles, he was a mature player, a physical player and he kept the game very simple. He was very steady and very consistent as a rookie in the league. Now some years later, his game really hasn’t changed. What he can really hang his hat on is his consistency and durability, and he is a great guy and a great veteran influence, especially on this year’s Kings team, which is the youngest in the NHL." - Nick Nickson


It is a huge accomplishment for OD. As a guy starting out my career, to get where he is now, that is a dream come true. That is what legends are made of right there. He is one of the backbones of this team. We would not be in the same spot that we are in now with out him. " - Kyle Quincey


I wanted to congratulate Sean, I remember coming back here in 1997 and seeing him in the room. He was just in his third season and he was already a force and a good defensive player but he was just learning to be a leader and then he went on and played for some great teams. He was always a safe defenseman but he became this force as a defenseman. I remember him telling me how he learned from Jacques Lemaire and playing in New Jersey. He has used that to end up winning a Stanley Cup and now he has taken all of this experience and is teaching our young guys what it takes to win every day. He has been a huge difference in our lineup this year and we are happy that we have him another year. I want to congratulate him on 1,000 games. That is a lot of games for a guy who plays as physical as he does, a guy who protects his teammates. It has been an amazing accomplishment." - Luc Robitaille


What a great accomplishment for Sean. I was just moving into the management side when he came to the Kings. [Former Kings GM] Sam McMaster made the trade with Buffalo [to acquire his rights], and the connection there is that Sam McMaster had O’Donnell on his team in Sudbury in the OHL and knew him. Over the years we got to know Sean as a reliable defensive defenseman He brings a lot of leadership and character to the room, he is the type of player that will stand up for his teammates. In those early days, he worked on his foot speed and his mobility as he always had the size and strength to play at the NHL level. With the experience he has accumulated, he remains a very valuable player and a great leader for the younger players in the Kings lineup." - Dave Taylor
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