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by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings

I live with Matt Ryan and I have an apartment out here in Manchester.  When I get called up to the Kings, the team puts me in a hotel, so it’s nice to be home and have all of my stuff here in one spot.  The weather has actually been great out here too.

There’s a good group who have been with Manchester for awhile, but we also do have a lot of young guys and we’re getting them ready and helping to teach them about the playoffs.  We were playing well at the end of the season and we just tried to continue that into the playoffs.  Manchester had never made it past the first round in the playoffs until this season and a lot of people were talking about it.  We were just trying to keep our focus on one game at a time.

The fans are great. We have a great fan base here in Manchester and, as we go further in the playoffs, I think more and more people will be coming out to the games.

I think anytime its playoffs, whether its junior or AHL or NHL, the level of hockey is raised and the teams play that much harder.  Every team knows that if you lose a few games you’ll be going home for the summer.  I think coaches, scouts…they all watch the playoffs closely to see how players react to the situation and how they handle the pressure and grind of a playoff series.  I think it’s a great opportunity for a lot of guys to show what they’ve got.  The thing we’ve been stressing is that it’s a team thing here.  We’ll do anything we can to help the team and then opportunities might come from that.  If you do things as a team, good things can happen for yourself too.

We went over the Sharks (Manchester's first round opponent) players and watched highlights and pointed out some things.  We’ve played them eight times throughout the course of the year, but we talked about some things.  We did try to point out things that would make life hard for them, but also focus on what we need to do offensively and what made us successful against them during the season.

-Noah Clarke





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