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Mustache Mania, Week 2

by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings

Wow, what a truly amazing first week of LA Kings Mustache Mania powered by The Royal Half™! We had nearly 3000 votes in the first two groups as we began our search for the best mustache in LA Kings history! And even the LA Kings players themselves got caught up in #MustacheMania!

Today, we are going to announce the winners of the first two groups and then present the final two groups of Nose Bugs. So, let's take a look at the winners from the first week!

First up, THE LEGENDS!


With 52 % of the vote, the winner of The Legends group is none other than NHL Hall of Famer (as of Monday night), Nick Nickson! And that just makes everyone in the LA Kings organization smile!

nicknickson_mustache_prime_imp Over in the STANLEY CUP ERA, Drew Doughty was taking on teammate Dwight King in a battle of Face Furniture...


And with 65 % of the vote, once again... Drew Doughty loses out on a major hockey-related award (I blame the people on the East Coast voting in #MustacheMania). Dwight King is your winner!

Dwight King 2


Alright, so Nick Nickson and Dwight King will take a week off, as we now open the voting for our second group of Lip Shadow-wearers! First up,  the FASHION ICONS!


What a great matchup of some of the most stylish men to ever lace up skates for the LA Kings! Daryl Evans has had a strong mustache game ever since he scored the winning goal in the Miracle on Manchester 33 years ago.


More like "Miracle on Upper Lip", am I right?

Gene Carr only played a few seasons for the LA Kings. But he has a place in LA music history as Carr was the inspiration for The Eagles mega-hit "New Kid in Town." Glenn Frey would even wear a Gene Carr jersey on stage!

Glen Frey Gene Carr


It's Daryl Evans versus Gene Carr in our first group of Lip Ticklers. Now, let's look at the second group for this week, the ENFORCERS!


Even though he only played 55 games for the LA Kings, George Parros is one of the most beloved enforcers in LA Kings history. And his mustache has become iconic throughout the NHL.

Chicago Blackhawks v Los Angeles Kings

Aww, that baby mustache is so cute!

After retiring from the NHL, Parros did what many men who wore mustaches in the 2000s do... he started a popular line of clothing.

Rod Buskas also spent a limited time as an enforcer in Los Angeles, playing in only 62 games. But he was the one of the first NHL players to ever get in a fight during an outdoor game!

After retiring from the NHL, Buskas did what many men who wore mustaches in the 1980s do... he became a commercial airline pilot for Hawaiian Airlines and lives in Las Vegas.

Now... it's time for YOU to decide who has the Greatest Mustache in LA Kings History as we continue LA Kings Mustache Mania powered by The Royal Half™!!!

So here is how it works. While Nick Nickson and Dwight King spend this week combing their Bro-merangs... you, the fans, will vote on who has the best mustache from the FASHION ICONS and ENFORCERS groups. Then next Monday, we'll reveal who came out on top from these two groups and then the winners of THE LEGENDS, STANLEY CUP ERA, FASHION ICONS and ENFORCERS will go mustache-to-mustache as we all decide just who has the best mustache in LA Kings history! Vote below and Tweet about your picks using #MustacheMania!!! Polls close Sunday, November 15th at midnight Pacific Time!  
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