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Meet the LA Kings Ice Crew: La Trycee

by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings
Name: La Trycee
Years on Team: First Year
College: Virginia Commonwealth University
Hobbies: Eating, cooking, playing volleyball, Rock Band, amusement parks, having fun
Favorite Food: Chinese food (rice, specifically)
Favorite Movie: Cinderella, The Breakup
Favorite TV Show: The Young & the Restless (My mom got me hooked!)
Favorite Music: R&B, Soft Rock
Favorite Singer/Band: Toni Braxton
Favorite Athlete: Dexter Fowler (my cousin … Go Rockies!!) 
Favorite Superhero: Wonder Woman
What is your most embarrassing moment? In college, I was walking to class in my heels and the heel got caught in a hole in the ground, right before a set of steps. My heel broke and I went tumbling down the steps! I got up and said “Who put those steps there?”
If you could have any power in the world, what would it be and why?  The power to see the future when I wanted. I hate anticipating what’s going to happen, but I love surprises at the same time. So if I could choose when to see the future that would be great.
What is your most prized possession? My dog. He’s just the best! He’s well behaved and smart as a whip … too smart as a matter of fact.
What are some of your favorite Kings moments? Just the overall commitment that all players and people involved with the Kings put in.
If you could have any job that you wanted, what would it be and why? Entertaining. I love putting a smile on people’s faces. It is one of the things you can give someone that’s free and thoughtful.
Just by looking at you, what is something that no one would ever guess? That I taught my doggie to sit on his butt and clap
What is the one product that you cannot live without? Food: I love to eat. It is my favorite thing to do!
What is your favorite place to go in Los Angeles? Runyon Canyon – It is such a beautiful and relaxing view
What is the best pick-up line you have ever received? Your smile lights up my whole universe … I’m Nick
If you could spend the day with anyone you wanted, dead or alive, who would it be and why? Michelle Obama. She is such an extremely classy woman and knowing she had a sick parent, like myself, I’d love to talk with her about her childhood experiences.
Name a phrase you feel you live your life by? When life gives you lemons, make lemonade
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