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Luc's Diary From Toronto

by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings
Luc Robitaille poses with Brett Hull, Lou Lamoriello, Brian Leetch, and Steve Yzerman after they received their Hall rings at the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Hours before his induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame, and minutes after he received his Hall of Fame ring, Luc Robitaille shared his thoughts and emotions about the event with L.A. Kings Insider Rich Hammond in Toronto:

``My first thought this morning was, `OK, I've got to make sure I didn't forget anyone in the speech, one more time!' Because I know I will. It's a very overwhelming feeling, the way they handle the entire weekend. It's not just one day. There's something very, very special about the way things are handled here that kind of puts into perspective what it means to get into the Hall of Fame.

``It's just a series of moments. It's like one after the other. It started Saturday, when they bring us on the set of Hockey Night in Canada, and the way they did it, with so much respect for the game and us. And then to get introduced at center ice before the Toronto Maple Leafs game, the Legends game, the Hall of Fame night, and to have all of those Hall of Famers shaking our hands as we go on the ice and hearing Bobby Hull say, `Welcome to the club, kid,' to Lanny McDonald and all these guys. It's like, wow, I'm a part of their club! They're accepting me in this amazing club! I used to watch these guys! So that was pretty neat, and then yesterday the way they handled that Legends game, and giving us the Hall of Fame jacket at center ice, those are things you see on TV and you don't really think it's going to happen to you. So it's pretty neat.

``Having my parents here, it's good. My dad, when I was a kid, never missed my practices. My mom used to drive some of us, and they never missed my games in junior major, and they were always there. You don't realize how much work it was for them until you have kids. But then I realized it must have been just a lot of fun for them, to watch their son, because I loved it so much. I realize that they got a kick out of it because I loved what I did. But the time and effort they put behind it was truly amazing, so to have them here and to be part of this with me is certainly special.

``And my family as well. I've said before, and I think I'll say it again tonight, to have success in what we do in sports, you've got to be selfish. Everybody adjusted to my schedule, whether it was for meals, whether it was for rest, whether it was for traveling, everything they did was for me, because my wife knew how much I loved it. They adjusted to me. Thinking back, they made a lot of sacrifices, so it's certainly very special that they're here with me.

``Writing the speech was a little bit nerve-racking at first. Then I think I made the right decision, that I was going to watch some of the YouTube videos of some of the previous guys. I got a good idea of how to go. They told me four minutes and I was really nervous about that. Then they said that was more of a guide. I certainly don't want to go the Michael Jordan way. For me, the biggest thing is that I don't try to be anyone else. It's really about how I feel, and I feel fortunate that I got to live my dream. I'm thankful that some people believed in me along the way and I'm thankful that, without even knowing, I learned from some people along the way that were very special for me. I want to acknowledge them, and I'll try to go quicker than when they retired my jersey, but I want to express my thanks to the people who were there for me all along.''
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