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LISTEN: "We Are Los Angeles" - The Goon Squad

by Pat Donahue / Los Angeles Kings

LOS ANGELES - Have you heard the new LA Kings anthem "We are Los Angeles" by The Goon Squad LA? If you haven't, listen once and you'll be singing it for hours. This is a song that captures the spirit of the LA Kings, their fans, and the city. We recently talked to The Goon Squad about their new theme and their love for the LA Kings.

Who is The Goon Squad? How did you all meet?

GRANT: The Goon Squad is a collection of guys I've met through my dealings in the underbelly of rock and roll.  I actually met David Spreng (drummer/producer - The Bravery, Bob Dylan) first,  through writing and recording with other bands I've been a part of.  He introduced me to Piggy D (bass - Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper) and Dave Pino (guitar - Andrew WK) and we became fast friends.  The four of us have been wanting to put a band together for a while; this gave us a reason to finally do it.

PIGGY D: David Spreng, Dave Pino and I all worked with Grant on some music for his band Beta Wolf. We have all worked together on so many projects since and stay in constant touch. We love writing together for projects and goals that mean something to us.

DAVE PINO: The Goon Squad is Grant Arnow, David Spreng, Piggy D. and myself. I've known Piggy D. and Spreng from way back.

DAVID SPRENG: I met Grant through my friend and producer Fred Archambault working on the Beta Wolf record. While working on material for his new record I introduced Grant to my longtime friends and songwriting partners Piggy D and Dave Pino. We ended up writing together for various projects.

What was the inspiration behind "We Are Los Angeles"? Why did you write it?

GRANT: I've done a lot of touring in Europe, and have been around football fans as they cheer their teams on.  Each city has a chant of musical theme that they sing, and it's always been pretty inspiring for me to watch.  I've been a fan of the Kings for a long time, and got to thinking that, as a supporter, I really wanted the team to have a fight song... something to galvanize the crowd.  It's also something I thought the city of LA could feel good about.

PIGGY D: Grant came to David Spreng with the idea for doing an anthem for the Kings, and it snowballed from there. We really want to give them every bit of positive energy we can to go all the way this year. This song seems like the least we can do! It's a cause we all fully believe in!

DAVE PINO: When ever my homies call on me for sick guitar playing and my epic background vocals, I'm always there for them.

DAVID SPRENG: Grant approached me with the idea for doing an epic anthem for the LA Kings while working on new Beta Wolf material. I said Yes let's do this! Every great team should have a great Anthem! The LA Kings are the greatest!

What's your earliest memory of the Kings?

GRANT: As a kid, my Dad would take me to see them play at the Forum, during the classic days of Gretzky, Robitaille, Dave Taylor, Jari Kurri and Marty McSorley.  I can remember seeing the ice for the first time, and hearing the crowd flip out when Gretzky appeared.

PIGGY D: This is a weird one for me. When I was growing up and getting into different styles of music, I discovered rap. I remember seeing
 pictures of N.W.A. in Kings swag, and always thought they looked badass! I figured if some tough guys like NWA liked hockey, maybe I should check it out. I was hooked instantly. I loved metal and rap, and to see a sport that had the same energy was amazing. I realize its unusual to discover a sport or team through music, it seems like its normally the other way around, but that's what happened. Once I moved to Los Angeles, I had an even better understanding of the loyalty to the Kings in their hometown. The fans are really unlike any others.

What do you think is the relationship between music and hockey?

GRANT: One of my favorite things about watching hockey in the arena is listening to the music between periods, and hearing it switch off when the puck is in play.  It hits you with these blasts of energy, and then all you hear are the sounds of the skates and sticks, and the puck hitting the glass.  Hockey requires a lot of concentration from the crowd, and I think music plays such a big role in winding everyone's energy up.  Also, when a crowd can play a role in a song - in Queen's "We Are The Champions", for example - it makes for a really powerful impact.  It's the crowd performing for the team; putting our energy behind them.  Any time 15-20,000 people can come together on something musical, it's pretty magical.

PIGGY D: Well playing rock music for a living,  I've come to believe the two have the same ability to inspire people, and feed off of the fans energy. A band that is killing it on stage, is no different than a team whipping some ass in the arena! The fans drive the show I think. Hockey is naturally aggressive, and it seems that the music can add to the adrenaline in the room, and provide a perfect soundtrack for the mayhem!  

DAVE PINO: It's all about kicking a**, and scoring girls. I mean goals. Achieving your goals

DAVID SPRENG: Both music and hockey bring people together and create a magical atmosphere like non other

What's next for The Goon Squad?

GRANT: we're gonna write and record some filthy rock and roll... maybe put out some music, maybe play a few shows, maybe go to jail

PIGGY D: Hopefully parade down the streets of Los Angeles on a flatbed truck with fireworks and huge speakers, rocking our song over and over when the Kings win the cup. All of this is totally doable, and will happen! 

DAVE PINO: We've been receiving requests to create Theme Songs for other sports teams. I want to write a theme song for little fat kids who get into skateboarding. They deserve the praise and encouragement.

DAVID SPRENG: Rocking in a venue near you!

Final thoughts

GRANT: Go Kings!!

DAVE PINO: It's been a pleasure and an honor to part of History. I truely believe from this day fourth, any games the LA Kings win from now on, will be because of u

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