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Linked up - May 15

by Alex Kinkopf / Los Angeles Kings

"Man proposes at Rays game to domestic violence survivor he helped"

Molly Geary, Sports Illustrated

"A woman who survived a brutal domestic violence attack three years ago threw out the first pitch at the Tampa Bay Rays game on Monday and was proposed to by her boyfriend.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Melissa Dohme was stabbed 32 times outside her home in January 2012. One of the first responders on the scene was Cameron Hill, who found Dohme drenched in blood and aided her until a helicopter took her to the hospital.

Hill told the Times that he had a feeling in that moment that he would see her again, and later that year he and another first responder attended a speech she gave at a church. The two later began dating, with Hill proposing to her at the Rays game.

When Dohme went out to throw the pitch, Hill delivered the ball to her, which he had written "Will you marry me?" on. The proposal can be seen below."

"Simpsons' Mr. Burns walking away from $14 million deal"

Frank Pallotta, CNN

"Harry Shearer, the voice of iconic "Simpsons" characters like Mr. Burns, looks like he's walking away from a $14 million offer and saying farewell to the show.

Besides the evil Mr. Burns, Shearer also voices Ned Flanders, Principal Skinner, the Rev. Lovejoy and Kent Brockman."

"Giancarlo Stanton Crushes Homer Out Of Dodger Stadium, Literally"

Kevin Draper, Deadspin

"Holy crap, Giancarlo Stanton mashed this first inning pitch from Mike Bolsinger out of Dodger Stadium. Not out of the field of play, but out of the entire stadium."


"Dwight Howard Challenges Heckler To 'Come Out Here'"

Ron Dicker, Huffington Post

"Dwight Howard of the Houston Rockets appeared to challenge a heckler Sunday to "come out here," which we will leave open to interpretation, but, you know.

Given that Howard is a 6-foot-11-inch man, and was probably angry with his performance in his team's third playoff loss to the Los Angeles Clippers, it's probably best that the fan didn't comply with his demand."

"Soccer Player Catches Idiot On The Field With A Flying Kick To The Face"

Billy Haisley, Deadspin

"Most sports fans already know that storming the field of play in anger is A) tacky; B) stupid; and C) dangerous. One particular Honduran fan, unconcerned with those realities, took the pitch wearing what looks like a Santa hat and was dealt a swift, acrobatic kick to the face by a player."

"Best Mother's Day ever? Dad makes barehanded catch with baby strapped to chest, gives ball to his wife"

Mike Bertha,

"No one had a better Mother's Day than this new mom in Philly.

Mets infielder Daniel Murphy fouled a ball up into the seats behind home in the top of the fourth inning and a dad with a baby strapped to his chest made a barehanded grab. More than that, the dude flexed and reveled in his own greatness, much to the delight of everyone in his section."

"Bolt Bus Explodes On Live Television"

Timothy Burke, Deadspin

"A Bolt Bus caught fire on the Mass Pike this afternoon and exploded while commuters sped past in adjacent lanes in an incident that, TV reports say, resulted in no injuries but some pretty amazing television. New England Cable News caught the whole thing live."

"The Pittsburgh Pirates turned the First 4-5-4 Triple Play in MLB History Last Night"

Rob Perez, USA Today

"Baseball is weird.

The Pittsburgh Pirates turned the most unexciting triple play in MLB History last night vs. the St. Louis Cardinals, a 4-5-4 … the first of its kind!

The Pirates won 7-5, proving that a MLB team who converts a 4-5-4 triple-play in a game has never lost and is guaranteed victory."

"Tampa Bay Lightning Twitter account offers eye test to social media troll"

Sports Illustrated

"The Tampa Bay Lightning are offering free eye tests to anyone who questions the team's past success.

The team's Twitter account tweeted an infographic reading "2004 Stanley Cup Champions" Tuesday in response to a Twitter user who wrote "@TBLightning has never won the cup in my eyes."

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