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Like Father Like Son

by Deborah Lew / Los Angeles Kings

*Editor’s Note: Throughout the season, staff writer Deborah Lew will boldly seek to satisfy the burning curiosity of fans by using current events and thought-provoking creativity to get a comprehensive off-the-ice look at the boys who’ve captured our hearts and our attention span 82+ nights every year. Each edition will feature two questions: 1) The “Shot,” which will relate to the player giving the answer; and 2) The “Pass,” which will ask the player to name a teammate. Keep checking back for new exciting editions of “Off the Post!”

Early morning practices, costs of ice time and equipment, trading holiday vacations for holiday hockey tournaments – every dad hopes it’ll all pay off in the end much in the way that it did for the fathers of the LA Kings players last Monday when they witnessed their sons hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup.

Champions or not, every dad hopes to impart some valuable wisdom on his children, and he may not even realize which of his numerous lessons their kids value most.

In a post-Stanley Cup interview, Anze Kopitar’s father said he measured his children’s success by how respectful they are to other people. Funny he should mention that, because in a pre-Stanley Cup interview, the players dished about their own dads, and their teammates as dads.

How did Kopi measure up?

For all the dads out there – Happy Father’s Day!

The Shot: What is the most important thing you learned from your dad?

The Pass: Which of your teammates would you pick to be your dad?

Colin Fraser

Shot: Hard work

Pass: Simon Gagne – he would be a very nice father.

Rob Scuderi

Shot: I think the most important thing I ever learned is that you don’t know everything.

Pass: I’ll go with Simon Gagne.

Brad Richardson

Shot: Just try to treat everyone with respect, but he has a lot of lessons, I don’t think there’s one that really pops out. He always says have fun and respect other people.

Pass: (Laughs) I don’t think I could pick anyone, but if you had a gun to my head, I’d probably pick Stolly. We’re good friends and everyone says he’s kind of like my dad.

Kyle Clifford

Shot: He taught me a lot of things, I can’t really pin point one, but maybe just be caring of everyone else and have respect for other people.

Pass: Rob Scuderi

Jordan Nolan

Shot: My work-ethic.

Pass: Dwight King

Dwight King

Shot: Work-ethic

Pass: For similarity I’d say Rob Scuderi, because my dad is a pretty quiet man.

Kevin Westgarth

Shot: To work hard, go after what you want and achieve your goals.

Pass: Probably Rob Scuderi since I sometimes feel like he is our dad.

Justin Williams

Shot: How the real world works.

Pass: Rob Scuderi

Drew Doughty

Shot: Have fun in everything you do!

Pass: Rob Scuderi

Jonathan Quick

Shot: Hard work

Pass: Scuds – he’d be a funny dad.

Jarret Stoll

Shot: Character

Pass: Brownie – he doesn’t say much, he kind of minds his own business!

Jonathan Bernier

Shot: Work

Pass: Simon Gagne

Matt Greene

Shot: Don’t take anything for granted.

Pass: Scuds – he already dresses like him.

Davis Drewiske

Shot: You can do anything you set your mind to, you just have to make up your mind to do it.

Pass: Rob Scuderi

Willie Mitchell

Shot: Hard work for sure. He’s a mechanic, he’s busted his (butt) his whole life. He’s a details guy, he’s definitely a details guy, so probably those two things.

Pass: How could any of them be my dad? I’m the oldest guy on the team!

Anze Kopitar

Shot: Manners in general, life manners, how to respect people and how to be respected. That’s one of the most important things in life, to respect people and be respected.

Pass: Rob Scuderi

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