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Kings News's Second Tweet-Off

by Melody Huskey / Los Angeles Kings
The Kings held their second "tweet-off" giving fans 24 hours to come up with their best Kings-themed pickup line.

Our winner, because we can appreciate how hard it is to fit so many pieces of Kings information into 140 characters, is...

"Hi, the Anze Kopitar shootout goal against the Wild on 10/16/07 was the most beautiful thing I ever saw...until I saw you.""

For entering the winning response, reverieandchaos will receive a signed Jack Johnson player card.

Thank you to everyone who participated and we hope you will continue to follow the Kings Twitter for updates, news and more contests.

To follow the Kings on Twitter, click here.

We got a great response, with very creative entries. Here are all of the (appropriate) pickup lines that were sent in for the contest:

"Like Stephan Robidas for Dustin Brown ( highlight), I'm head over heels for you." "

"Would you like to see my hat trick?"

"You Stoll my heart when I first laid eyes on you."

"Have you ever dated a Real King before?" Lady replies- no?" Wanna grab a drink with one."

"I'm crushing on you harder than a Dustin Brown body check."

"If I pass the biscuit will u butter it 4 me?"

"Can I ride your Zamboni?"

"Wanna see the Great One - and I don't mean Gretzky..."

"Ever made out with a hockey-lovin' lion?" (works only for Bailey)

"You know what they say about a guy with big hockey skates..."

"You look like Heidi Androl!"

"Hey after the Kings win the game I have some goalie gear back at my place I can put on and you can try and score!!!!"

"What are you doing October 3rd? I've got seats behind the glass...wanna come?"

"checkmate...looks like I've found my king!"

"ugh ohh... someone call the STAPLES Center, because I just found a lost Ice Girl. Bada bing!"

"Hi... I'm Anze Kopitar's brother..."

"Hey, I'm going to see the Kings, but I need a lovely Queen to escort me."

"Be a King! Bring your Queen and Royal Family to an evening of magical plays."

"I'll show you my skate if you show me yours first."

"Have you ever been in Frolove?"

"I was going to take you to a Kings game, but you're so hot, you'd melt the ice."

"I bet Lombardi would have drafted you in the first round."

"Hey baby, wanna go to a hockey game???"

"I know David Courtney."

"Let me interfere on your date so we can go to a Kings game so you can get hooked. But, be sure to cross check my references 1st."

You see a girl and you walk up to her and give her a ticket and tell her you will see her at the game.

"You Jarret Stoll my heart..."

Author: Melody Huskey

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