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by Los Angeles Kings Twitter / Los Angeles Kings
The Kings held their first "tweet off" challenging fans to come up with the best response to the following question:

"What is your favorite Kings jersey and why?"

Our winner, because well, the dog is cute and we here at are dog people, is...

"Fav jersey = new alt 3rd jersey- I got one for my dog who likes to wear it during games and gives high 5 when the kings score"

For entering the winning response, CalLaborLawyer will receive a signed Matt Greene player card.

Thank you to everyone that participated and we hope you will continue to follow the Kings Twitter for updates, news and more contests.

To follow the Kings on Twitter, click here.

We got a great response, with very creative entries. Here they are, in the order received:

"As a long time fan, I love the new Back in Black jersey. Like Detroit's red sweaters, they add the 'intimidation' factor!!"

"88-98 will always hold a place in my heart, my dad used to take me to the forum when I was a kid and I have fond memories."

"I am partial to the 88-98. I was 8 years old when I started watching Kings and wore clothes with that logo. Nostalgia."

"New black 3rd jersey, black and silver are a killer color combo with the great crown logo, also not too busy"

"The newest jersey's are, by far, the best. Much classier than any other jersey!"

"80-88, classic! And when I became a fan!!"

"Fav jersey = new alt 3rd jersey- I got one for my dog who likes to wear it during games and gives high 5 when the kings score."

"1998: 3 reasons: 1) Purple joins black & silver, 2) New logo with Hockey Sticks crossing, and 3) "Los Angeles" to represent!"

"The Gretzky-era black and silver by far. It's a little modern, a little California and a lot bad [edited]!"

"My favorite is the brand new 3rd jersey because it's simple and has no affiliation to any of the gangs who wore them."

"I love the current jersey for one simple reason. It feels good to hear the players say they're proud to wear the crown!"

"98-02's jersey. When the Royal Shield was revealed it gave our KINGS an official Crest. Now we have a Family Crest, Forever."

"88-98 Black and silver because it reminds me of my first Kings game, where I decided I love hockey & Luc is a magic giant elf."

"My Fav is #32 Kelly Hrudy " Mr. Hollywood" always know how to live the L.A. Life."

"My favorite is the gold home jersey from 80-88. I even found one to buy all the way out here in Indiana."

"88-98 Jersey as it was the intro of all new colors and style,which still has elements in todays Jersey,and the obvious,Gretzky."

"02-07 the last jersey for Robitaille, I fell in love with Brown in it & I wake up to it every morning on my wall."

At 1:30 the contest was over and @CalLaborLawyer's entry was judged to be the winner.

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