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LA Kings Rookies Have a Fun-Filled Day at the Aquarium

Austin Wagner and Sean Walker spent their off day at the New England Aquarium checking out all the animals and taking over @LAKings social

by LA Kings @LAKings /

On their day off in Boston, LA Kings rookies Austin Wagner and Sean Walker took to the city to explore and somehow wound up at the New England Aquarium.

Not only did they get to see all the different animals, but they also brought fans for the ride as they took over @LAKings on Twitter and Instagram Stories! 

Tweet from @LAKings: .@SeanWalk2 and @Austinwagner97 are taking over our Twitter and Instagram accounts for the next hour....they���re going through our DMs right now and we���ve never been more terrified in our lives 😧

...thankfully, Wags and Walks didn't do anything too bad.

Plus, even the IG Story takeover started off so cute.

BONUS: Huge Turtle

Tweet from @LAKings: ���Let���s go upstairs. I see a big turtle.��� - @Austinwagner97 ...Austin Wagner is exactly what you are picturing right now. least a bonus for Wags.

They even took to Twitter to s̶t̶i̶r̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶p̶o̶t̶ answer some fans' questions.

Tweet from @LAKings: Bailey for sure. - @Austinwagner97 @KingstonReign - @SeanWalk2

Walks, you might want to watch out for Bailey at the next home game...

...and maybe, Wags, too.

Tweet from @LAKings: Probably Wags. - @SeanWalk2 Seriously? There���s no ���probably��� there. - @Austinwagner97

At least they gave on of their teammates some love.

Tweet from @LAKings: Ty, you���re the least annoying. - @Austinwagner97 and @SeanWalk2

Even though they were answering questions on Twitter, they were looking for some help on Instagram Stories.

Anyone available to explain to Wags and Walks how the jellyfish got it's name?

What was the best part of the day, though? Obviously, this:

Head over to @LAKings on Twitter to see all their tweets and check out the Instagram Story Highlight to see everything they did at the aquarium!

Tweet from @LAKings: Putting the phones away.New album dropping soon tho.������- @SeanWalk2 @Austinwagner97

Wags and Walks album dropping SOON.

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