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by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings

My name is Megan, I’m twelve years old, and I write a monthly food column for The Beach Reporter’s Dining Guide. I’ve also been writing a food blog since I was eight years old. Recently, the Kings invited me to my first NHL game, and it was an experience that I will not soon forget.

Walking into the Staples Center, all I really knew was that the LA Kings were my neighborhood’s favorite team, and anything else I had picked up from my P.E. class’ latest unit: hockey.

However, I was excited for my first hockey game ever, and at the Staples Center, with the Kings playing, it was an unbelievable experience. Light radiated from the ice and constant cheering seemed to come from everywhere… except where I was. I was lucky enough to be sitting in the press box, where the rule is “No Cheering.” The press box held a sophisticated air to it, and it was interesting to see everyone inside working. I had the good fortune of meeting the Kings’ former general manager, Sam McMaster, who is best known for trading for Wayne Gretzky. Also, several NHL alumni, scouts for other teams, and the working press all had reserved seating, and as I walked up to a seat and desk space marked “Megan Garringer, with the Kings,” I could not believe my eyes. It was a great working space and I was so happy to be there. Plus, we had a bird’s-eye view from the box, and we could see the puck so clearly as it slid across the impeccable white ice.

The experience of an ice hockey game is a must for any young girl or boy. First of all, less than two minutes in, a fight erupted, and in only the first period, six penalties were called (three of them on the Kings’ Matt Greene). Hockey is a tough game, not for the faint of heart.

After the first period, the Columbus Blue Jackets were winning by one goal, scored by their Ryan Johansen. Coming back in the second period, the Kings took advantage of a power-play to tie the game up. I watched this all with tension and suspense, my eyes darting from side to side as players zoomed past one another on sheets of pearly white. Ice hockey, I’ve learned already, is a fast-moving game, and if you so much as blink you could miss something.

Being bored at a hockey game is virtually impossible; if you were blind you could still tell what was going on. With my eyes closed, I could hear everything from the slap of the puck, to the cheering from the stands below me, to the swoosh as players sliced through the ice. Not to mention the crash after a player has been smashed against the boards. When the final horn sounded, and the score read 5-2, the LA Kings’ victory, it was all I could do not to cheer, as the stands went wild.

Writing about sports is a new adventure for me, as all I have ever written about for the press has been food. Of course, I watch sports, I play sports… I love sports. But I have never thought to write about it. After some thought, I realized that a sport is just like a dish, at a restaurant: either you find it particularly enjoyable, or you don’t. I discovered that I like hockey, and next time you can count on me to be in the stands, cheering the loudest.

Megan Garringer is a twelve-year-old aspiring writer and blogger from the South Bay. She is currently writing a monthly food column for The Beach Reporter newspaper, and she started her own food blog,, at age eight. She is seventh grade at The City School in Los Angeles, and she enjoys playing soccer.

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