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How to Balance School and Sports

by Jeff Hextall / Los Angeles Kings
Today I’m going to give you some tips on how to balance school and sports. At this stage, school is one of the most important things in your life; it will be very beneficial and rewarding. I’m not saying that sports aren’t important, because they are very good for your physical health and sense of well being. I am here just to give a few tips on how to do well in school, and still enjoy sports. Balancing school and sports takes strategy, planning and most importantly, hard work and determination.

One of the most important things in school is to complete your homework on time, and to the best of your abilities. The best advice to get your homework done on time is to start as soon as you get home. I know this sounds bad because you just got out of 6-8 hours of learning, but trust me, you are in a mental state that you will work faster and the knowledge that you have learned that day is still fresh in your mind. It also frees up the rest of the night for sporting and other activities. Be as thorough as you can, by re-reading questions 2-3 times before you try and answer them. This will help you completely understand the question.  Also if you do your homework correctly, this will help you when you study for your next test.
There are also tests which are a heavy part of your grade. It is important to be well prepared for tests and quizzes. One of the most common and a very efficient way to study is to make flash cards. They are very handy to keep in your pocket and whenever you have a minute or two, take them out and study for a couple minutes. Another trick is to study a few days before a test, this will help with procrastination so you don’t have to study into the night the day before a test. Finding a “study buddy” is also a very beneficial way to study, but make sure you keep on the subject of studying and then have some fun time later.

If you have to miss some school for sports which is very common, make sure to see all your teachers before and after you miss a day. Teachers will really appreciate the extra effort you give.
Try to get as much homework handed in to teachers in advance to missing school, as this will help keep you on track so you don’t fall behind. If you fall behind it is a lot harder to catch up, so it is recommended to work ahead when you are given the chance.

Not everyone can be the top academic student in their class, but you should strive to be the best you can be. The important lesson is to never give up in school or in sports and you will have the foundation to be successful in life.

Jeff Hextall is the son of Kings Vice President / Assistant General Manager Ron Hextall. He will be contributing to the Bailey
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