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by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings
Tony Gasparini, Amateur Scout
Kings Amateur Scout Tony Gasparini agreed to sit down with and share his thoughts on the 2007 Training Camp. Check out the first of his entries below as Kings fans get an inside look at what Kings management must consider when building the roster for the 2007-08 Los Angeles Kings.


Today’s games were very well played. You can see the progression over the last two days. The execution of the system was much higher and crisper and you are starting to see players catch up to the pace of the game.

Tomorrow is the first time that the players are going to be out there against a different jersey and just by doing that, you are going to see the level of execution rise with the adrenaline from their surroundings. What is it going to do for the young guys? It will be a good evaluation of where they are at, how quickly they are processing the information the coaches are giving them and how quickly they can adapt.

I think the coaching staff is going to sit down and determine their strategy and how they want to approach tomorrow’s game with it being such a short preseason. I think you are going to see some young guys in a few of the preseason games, but because it is so short, that number will not be as high as it has been in previous seasons.

And yes, the results of the games matter. Any time either team is putting on their jersey, it is a common understanding that they represent the organization and that they will do their best when out on the ice. At this point, whoever does go out there, their goal is to show the coaches why they should to be part of this team and organization.

Winning or losing will be something that will be dealt with later, right now it is about doing the best you can do, which applies to all of us as a staff. Everyone on the management side is lucky, that with their job title, all they do is sit and talk hockey. You can say you are working long hours, but in reality, it is a passion for each and every one of us. If it means we are out late, so be it as long as the meals keep arriving.

I think what we are trying to do now as a staff, we are still relatively new and have some new additions, we want to make sure that during the evaluation process here and going forward that we are on the same page as far as terminology is concerned, in terms of how we see a player and what we value as a staff led by Dean Lombardi.

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