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FTBK: The Science of Jonathan Quick's Saves

LA Kings Strength and Conditioning Coach Matt Price on the science of Jonathan Quick's presence in the crease, presented by Lenny and Larry's

by Chandler Parr @chandlerparrfit /

In this Science of Hockey presented by Lenny & Larry's, LA Kings Strength and Conditioning coach, Matt Price, is giving us a look into why Jonathan Quick is such a force between the pipes.

Video: Matt Price on the science of Quick in the crease

There is no denying Quick's stand-on-his-head abilities has a lot to do with his utilization of lower body explosiveness.

Although Quick may be shorter than most goalies in the NHL, he makes up for it with his undeniable mobility and range of motion in his hips and lower body. This allows him to create loaded movements that spring into action at a moment's notice. Quick takes advantage of the big muscle groups in his legs and glutes to create velocity to cover a large amount of space in a short amount of time.

If you want to create a strong lower body like our favorite goalie, focus on strengthening your glutes, hip and groin mobility as well as core strength for stabilization. Happy Training and as always, Go Kings Go!

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