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Fit To Be King: Circuit Four Breakdown

Check out the newest Fit To Be King circuit with 24 Hour Fitness Trainer, Nik Herold

by LA Kings @LAKings /

It's time to get Fit To Be King, powered by 24 Hour Fitness!

You too can feel "Fit To Be King" with 24 Hour Fitness Master Trainer, Nik Herold. Try out Circuit OneCircuit Two and Circuit Three if you haven't yet!

Below is the explanation of today's circuit and the descriptions of how to perform each move.

Video: Nik Herold Explains Circuit #4


Movement #1: Speed Skater

1.      Get in an athletic stance with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Get into the quarter squat position where the knees should be slightly bent and the hips pushed back.
2.      Explosively push off with one of your legs and hop laterally to your other leg while swinging your arms as if you were an "ice skater."
3.      Stick the landing (keeping the knee on the leg of the landing foot in line with the toes on the landing foot), pause, and without touching that foot to the ground, explosively push off with your planted foot to hop laterally back to your other leg.
4.      Repeat bounding back and forth for the set time.

Movement #2: Single Leg Burpee

1.      From a standing position quickly lower yourself down to the floor with the hands and feet both touching the ground. 
2.      Explosively kick both legs back behind you. As you land in pushup position, one leg should be fully extended (with the foot on the leg touching the ground). The other leg should also be fully extended but should remain in the air. The back should flat on the landing.

3.      Pushing off the leg in contact with the ground, explode back into a squat position and jump as high as you can into the air
4.      Repeat and change the contact on the next rep, doing these alternating sets until the work time is complete.

Movement 3#: Tricep Dip to Toe Touch

1.      From a standing position, lower yourself down to the floor placing the glutes on the ground and then putting your hands behind you as you bend your knees and place your feet flat on the ground.
2.      Lift your butt up off the ground. Perform a dip, bending your elbows as you touch your butt back down to the ground
3.      Then lift up, extending your hips into the air , as you kick your leg up and reach your opposite hand to touch your toe.
4.      Place your hand and foot back down then repeat the dip -- kicking the other leg up and reach your other hand to touch your toe

Movement #4: Deep Wideout Squat

1.      From a standing position, lower yourself into full squat.
2.      Explode up from the bottom of the squat jumping into the air
3.      Land in a wide squat position (knees stay in line with the toes) and proceed to squat again while explosively accelerating back into the air
4.      The feet should land in their starting position and you should proceed back into your normal squat. Continue to alternate back and forth between the two movements listed.

Movement #5: Lunge Jumps

1.      Start in a lunge stance with one foot forward, knee bent, and the rear knee nearly touching the ground. The front knee should be over the midline of the foot.
2.      Extend both leg and jump as high as possible, swinging the arms to gain accelerating and height
3.      As you jump, switch the position of the legs in the air, moving the front leg to the back and the rear leg to the front

4.      Land in the starting lunge position and repeat

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