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by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings
Hall-of-Fame Kings broadcaster Bob Miller dresses up for a Halloween party. wants to know, what is your favorite costume of all time? So we sent in our intern, armed with a tape recorder, to try and coax each of the Kings players' favorite, most embarrassing or funniest cosutmes they have ever worn....

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Jack Johnson: One year my little brother wanted to go as Winnie the Pooh, but he didn’t want to go alone so he made me dress up as Tigger and take him trick-or-treating.

Kyle Quincey: This year before I got traded, I was planning on going as Roy Munson. A couple years ago my buddy and I were Apollo Creed and Rocky Balboa, but I went thirteen years in a row as a Ninja Turtle so that has to be my favorite of all time.

Michal Handzus: No favorite costume, it is just another night.

John Zeiler: Banana-Man, dressed in a full banana costume.

Erik Ersberg: We don’t celebrate in Europe, so whatever my roommate Kyle Quincey is going to wear is what I am going with.

Jason LaBarbera: Hulk-Hogan, a couple years ago. The night was a circus act with a lot of wrestling.

LaBarbera as Hulk Hogan: "It was fun, but there was a lot of wrestling involved."

Patrick O’Sullivan: I’ve seen Jason LaBarbera as Hulk Hogan, which was pretty good. I have seen some R and X rated costumes that were pretty funny.

Dustin Brown: Anze Kopitar. A couple years ago I was the Big Bad Wolf which was pretty good.

Anze Kopitar: I bought a Brown jersey so that’s what I am going to be.

Matt Greene: Two years ago I was Bruce Springsteen with a moustache.

Jarret Stoll: Wayne Gretzky bobble-head four years ago when I was in Edmonton. I bought a giant Wayne Gretzky head at a store.

Derek Armstrong: Richard Simmons, at a team party during the lockout.

Drew Doughty: One year, my rookie year in Guelph, I was SpongeBob SquarePants for the team party.

Oscar Moller: I am thinking about being Batman this year. I have been a ghost, and Frankenstein.

Tom Preissing: The one I wanted to do but didn’t work was my wife and I were going to be iPods- she would be a Mini and I would be a 40GB. This year I am going to be Polly Bleeker and she will be Juno.

Bob Miller: Wisconsin Badger cheerleader and my wife was a Wisconsin football player.

Daryl Evans: Frankenstein with 18-inch elevator boots.

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