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EA'S NHL 11 promises 'Ultimate' experience

by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings
The opinions of Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Jarret Stoll, and Daniel and Henrik Sedin aside, every hockey fan and video gamer has their own Ultimate Hockey Team in mind, and this new mode on NHL 11 from EA Sports allows you to choose the players you want to compete in the EA Ultimate Hockey League.

The goal of the mode is obvious enough, to create the ultimate hockey team. You assemble your team through a player card system, beginning with a starter pack that contains players from every league in hockey -- NHL, American Hockey League, Canadian Hockey League, and various European leagues -- logo and home and away uniforms, an arena to call your own, a coach, training, contracts, and more. With this starter pack, you are free to begin assembling your lines, managing your contracts, working on team chemistry, training your players, etc. Once you have your team set the way you like, you are free to begin playing with your ultimate team in either online contests against other human opponents or offline CPU opponents.

There are over 4,100 players from 10 different leagues in the game to collect and use in creating your Ultimate Hockey Team. There are over 500 rare players to collect within the set.

Playing games, and winning or losing (though obviously one gets you more than the other) earns you Ultimate Team currency. You can then use your EA Pucks to purchase new cards, which you will have to do as your starter pack players are only under contract for a certain number of games. You essentially keep playing, keep earning pucks, exchanging them for packs of players, and building your team like you would in GM mode. You can also use Microsoft Points or real money to buy more EA Pucks and get more expensive packs quicker. That's entirely optional though, and is in no way required to enjoy or be competitive in the mode. There will be monthly seasons with playoffs, as well as tournaments, off seasons, and more.

To learn more about this mode from Andy Agostini, Associate Producer of EA NHL 11, check out this video or this story.

Author: Rocky Bonanno | Staff Writer

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