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Ducks vs. Kings: Postgame Quotes

by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings

(Re game recap):  “They [Anaheim] worked hard.  I think on our side of it…it showed that all the new players are in the lineup and we’re trying to get some of that team chemistry put together.  We lucked out of sorts for the first half of the game.  The first period we were having a difficult time passing, receiving, getting organized, just on some breakouts we had a lot of turnovers, and some icing calls.  To me that’s just trying to figure things out here.  That’s what I’m chalking it up with or toward.  Just a lot of new players trying to get the lines in place, trying to get some chemistry going and we’re going to work through this thing.”
(Re Westgarth): “Well he didn’t come back.  He took a punch to the head right under his left eye.  He was evaluated and they decided to keep him out and we’ll get another look at him tomorrow and see where he’s at.”
(Re game recap): “No real positives at all, actually. Just a bad game for us. We got outworked. We didn’t really have a great effort, great execution... We just got outworked in our own building.”
(Re motivation against a younger Ducks team):  “We should get motivated. We’re all professionals. There’s a reason we’re here. You should be amped up. We do this for a reason. Guys should be excited to play. Tonight obviously we didn’t work. That’s definitely not our best effort out there.”
(Re game recap): “It took us 40 minutes to get going and it was a little bit better. Our last 20 we started to get a lot more shots, a little more patient with the puck. And that’s what you want…Just get better and better. I thought we did that in the last 20 but the first 40 minutes was not quite the type of hockey we want to play. It’s preseason, and you need to play those games to get going.  Too much practice right now and not enough game. We need to get going and play those games right now.”
(Re playing a younger Ducks team): “I don’t know. Maybe…you look at the lineup and you think they have a B team right now and they don’t have their best player, and maybe you think it’s going to be easier, and maybe that’s why we started the game why we did. But it’s not an excuse even if its preseason. You want to find a way to get better as quick as you can because the season’s coming pretty soon.”
(Re game recap):  “I like the effort and the tenacity that we showed tonight. It was a huge upgrade on where we’ve been for the first three games of the year.  We were pretty good last night in Vancouver but you couldn’t really judge because we didn’t play against the same quality line-up that we did today against LA. Our guys did a lot of the little things that it takes to win in the NHL.”
(Re recent opportunities): “My game is simple: it’s based around work ethic. I just have to work hard. A lot of the time you play with a couple guys who work hard like I have been and you get rewarded. I want to play every game. If they give me a couple more, I’ll play as hard as I can. Every practice and game is a chance to impress.”
10:30 – Noon at Toyota Sports Center
Post-practice meeting
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Post Game Quotes Compiled By: Ryan Kantor, Lindsay Adler and Spencer Votipka

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