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Drew Doughty's Favorite All-Star Jerseys Ranked

From white gloves to neon colors to reusable materials, can you guess which All-Star jersey is Drew Doughty's favorite?

by Robyn Dutton @LAKings /

The announcement of this year's eco-friendly adidas All-Star jerseys have sparked discussion about how a piece of equipment can extend beyond the arena.

"Saving the world. That's pretty cool, I like that," said Drew Doughty, who will be wearing the sweater for the game.

So, as we count down the hours until the All-Star Game, we're taking a look back at Doughty's favorite jerseys over the years. 

Check out the best jerseys now: 

4. Black and Lime Green | Columbus, Ohio in 2015

Because Doughty (and everyone else) can admit that shade of green doesn't look good on anyone.

3. Block Grey and Yellow | Nashville, Tennessee in 2016

Generally, a pretty safe choice. Simple, yet different.

2. All White and Neon Orange | Tampa Bay, Florida in 2018

"I liked the white gloves and I had never really had them before."

If only the Kings colors weren't black and silver, we might suggest this to management.

1. Starry Black | Los Angeles, California in 2017

"Well, I have to choose LA first. Plus, it's like the coolest jersey ever."

We don't disagree.

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