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Cruising with Drewiske

by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings

The Kings-AAA Fan Cruise took Kings players, staff and fans from Long Beach to Ensenada, Mexico over three days from July 24-27.  One of the players on the boat was Kings blue liner Davis Drewiske, who wrote this blog for on his experience.

Overall it was a really nice weekend. We got to hang out, see some of the fans and relax a little bit. I hope that all of the fans and everyone else had a good time, because I sure did. It was my first time being on a cruise, so I didn’t know what to expect at all. 

The first thing I noticed was how big the ship was and how many other people were on there besides us.  It was huge! There were restaurants all over and shops, mini-golf, a spa.  There were there or four bands going depending on where you were, either reggae, mariachi or more acoustic style.  There was a 24-hour pizza place on the boat, so we saw a couple of the fans there a little… later one night. The point is that there was plenty for us to do.

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Here is a mini-rundown of the weekend:

Friday, we had a little cocktail party for an hour or hour and a half where we got to meet all the fans, get introduced, take pictures.  There were about a hundred fans there so we got to see everybody.

Saturday, we had the whole day to ourselves after we docked in Ensenada, so we got to walk around and see that before going back to hang out on the boat.  Dinner was served every night at 8 o’clock so we were back for that.

Sunday, we had about an hour and a half or two hours of a question and answer session before we signed some autographs and took a big group photo.  The most interesting question I got was when one lady asked how many of my penalty minutes came from fighting, which was kind of funny. We also got asked if we always like late-night pizza, from one of the fans who saw us at the 24-hour pizza place. But of course, that only happens when we are on vacation. Then Sunday afternoon we gave out some raffle prizes and the fans had a scavenger hunt earlier that day so we gave out some of those prizes.

The whole time that I was on the boat I had the image of the boat scene from the movie “Step Brothers” in my head, but it also reminded us all of “Titanic” because of how the big the ship was and how many people were on it. But we didn’t have anything bad happen, which was good because I swim like a rock. Actually, and this is funny, I didn’t get in the water once, the whole time that we were there, because we just walked around Ensenada and hung out around the pool and on the deck. 

The first night we took some Dramamine, the motion sickness medication, because we were a little seasick.  It wasn’t bad if you were walking down the middle of the ship, but if you were on the edge and looking out at the water, the rocking back and forth of the boat got to you a little bit. But you got used to it after the first night.

We got our week’s worth of workouts done Monday through Friday before we got on the boat Friday afternoon, so we didn’t work out while we were on the ship, but we did do a lot of walking around. Walking around Ensenada was not what I expected, because it wasn’t very Americanized at all.  It was a pretty poor area, so walking around and seeing some of the stuff in all of the shops and the street vendors- it just made me feel really lucky for what I have.

I did end up buying a beautiful lime green cup that says “Ensenada” which I carried around the boat with me.  I also haggled for a pair of sunglasses which were marked as $6, but I got it all the way down to $5. They were supposed to be Ray-Ban but I don’t know, it might say “Ray-Bam” on the glasses.

Overall I was impressed by all of the Kings fans, they were very cool and very respectful. We had some planned events but there was a lot of time when everyone did their own thing and they were totally cool about that. But for a few hours a day we got to talk to people and they just struck me as being very passionate, true fans of the Kings, which was good to see.  I know that Wayne, Teddy and I all had a really good time and I hope that they did too.

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