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by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings

As I think about the great goalies of hockey, I always first think of Patrick Roy. I never had a chance to play against him but I was a backup and I've seen him play two or three times. I think he was the best I've ever seen. He was big and he was all over the place. He had a great butterfly and he could win lots of games by himself.

Of course, there are many great ones in the game still today, and I will talk about a couple of them here.

Jose Theodore – Well I know a lot about him. I played with him for four or five years. He's a real competitor and every night he's battling hard and he wants to win every game. He's very quick and works hard in practice. I think he's got a great work ethic.

Nikolai Khabibulin – I think he's been great for his entire career. He's a big goalie; he's huge in the net. He's proved he's one of the top five in the league since he won the Stanley Cup.

Dominik Hasek – He's also been great his whole career. He's a different goalie. He plays different from everybody else, but it's working great for him. He's really athletic and he's always been a winner.

Roberto Luongo - I had a chance to play against him a lot in juniors. He's really big and covers down low really good. He battles hard every game. Even though sometimes he looks beaten, he can pull a leg or arm and stop the puck just when you think you were going to get a goal on him.

Martin Brodeur – I think he's been outstanding. He's a good goalie and he's considered one of the best in the league. He's always been a winner. He won pretty much everything he had to win, and he's been playing a lot with Devils and they had a good team. I think he has been a big part of that success.

Ed Belfour – Has always been a great goalie. He just recently reached a milestone as it relates to wins. I think he's now second all time. He's been good. I think him and Brodeur are the goalies who can handle the puck the most. They are really good around their net and you have to be careful because sometimes you don't think they are going to play the puck and they come up with a great pass to put their team on the offense really quick.

Overall, I think we goalies stick together. We hang out together and always talk about the equipment and stuff like that. I have had a chance to meet a lot of them and I think it's good to have a good relationship.

As far as I'm concerned as it relates to the other goalie I'm playing with, I always had a good relationship with Jose Theodore and now with Jason LaBarbera it's exactly the same. We hang out together and it's not about competition it's about being good teammates. I think sometimes when we talk to each other we can understand what's going on more than any other player on the team.

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