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by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings

Like many players, Kings prospect Adam Hauser has attended his share of hockey camps over the years. Check out what Hauser has to say about his days in camp in this months Between the Pipes.I have been conducting summer goalie training camps since 2002.

I worked at camps throughout my time in college at the University of Minnesota. Because of NCAA rules, however, I could not have my own camp. By the time I was set to graduate I knew I didn't want to work anybody else's camp. Instead, I wanted to have my own. I wanted to be my own boss, so to speak.

Goalie camps for me have always been enjoyable. I have also tried to put into my camps what I took from other camps that I took part in. This summer I will host my fourth camp. I will host camps in Manchester, New Hampshire, in June after the hockey season, and then go back home to Minnesota where I will have camps in New Hope, Elk River and Minnetonka.

Selecting the dates and the locations are really trial-and-error. I have changed locations and formats over the years to find out what works best. In New Hampshire, since I am here during the wintertime, I am able to talk to some local goalies and that makes it easier.

My camps are for goalies only. Someday I would like to include skaters but that usually involves a partnership with someone else. I don't have the time with the hockey season to do everything I would like to. My wife and I have a young child and to move twice a year is not easy. When I do have the time to devote to the camps, I figure that I better focus on what I know, and that is the goalie-aspect of the game.

I used to work Robb Stauber's camp. He played for the Kings and before that was a Minnesota Gopher. He is a big deal to any goalie growing up in Minnesota. He was the first goalie to win the Hobey Baker Award. His camp and goalie training business is so much larger than mine. He is a competitor that you strive to compete against. I want to show that I can train goalies too. I get some goalies who want to learn but can't quite get into Stauber's camp.

I have had real young kids before in my camp like seven or eight years of age. Most of my campers fall into the age range of 10-17. I love it when the kids come back for their second or third year. That is when you see the kids grow up and get stronger. The curriculum then changes and you get to try other techniques. It is cool to seem them grow up and advance as a goalie.

Most people get information about my camps at my website, We have a mailing list and I try and post links and articles about where I have been and where I am playing. It is hard for people in Minnesota to keep up with minor league hockey. All they seem to know is Gopher hockey and the Minnesota Wild. If you don't play for those two teams, it is hard for them to know you still play hockey.

The website helps parents know what is going on with my subsequent camps and me.

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