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Bark Madness 2017: Final Four

Check out the LA Kings dogs going head-to-head in semi-final round and vote for a winner in each match-up!

by The Royal Half @TheRoyalHalf /



Now that the match-ups are set, it's time for the Final Four in Bark Madness 2017 presented by Zignature!

We had an incredibly exciting battle in the Elite 8, so be sure to check out how each of the dogs made it through the Elite 8 and into the Final Four.

All caught up? Good. Because now it's time to get voting for the Final Four to figure out which dogs will move on to the Bark Madness Championship!

And LA Kings fans everywhere have Bark Madness Fever™!

Tweet from @Vacctopus: Kinda mad at myself for caring so much about Bark Madness

Now, let's take a look at the match-ups for the 2017 Bark Madness Final Four.


Gustl Kopitar, the Golden Doodle, continues his quest to return to the top of Bark Madness as he faces off against Hank Martinez, the Blue Heeler/Beagle mix. And LA Kings fans couldn't be more excited about this match-up!

Tweet from @MinkyBoodle1: It'll absolutely kill me to have to choose either @GustlTweets or Hank Martinez in the Final Four. #BarkMadness @itslaurrrrr @naroshay ��

I can think of worse ways to die.

Gustl, well ... everyone knows Gustl by now.


Also pictured: Gustl's owner, Anze.

Gustl loves to have famous celebrities on social media ask their fans to vote for him in Bark Madness.

Tweet from @andylassner: Please take the time to vote for Gustl Kopitar here. #BarkMadness matters to many Americans. Do your part to "Make Gustl Great Again".

While Hank Martinez, much like his owner, keeps a pretty low profile online as he just likes to chill and hang out with his owner instead of getting caught up in the Hollywood lifestyle.

Martinez Dog



Outside of a championship showdown, this is easily the toughest match-up in Bark Madness history.

Last year, Emma was the upstart low seed that skyrocketed to the Bark Madness Championship. This year, Arlo Dowd has won the hearts of hockey fans everywhere and is now just one dog leap away from playing in the big game!

But I'm starting to worry that the pressure of stardom is weighing heavily on this young dog.

Tweet from @Paige_Kraemer: @CatBelanger @MeaghanLoveday @Megan_Carter_ "did someone say beer:thirty?" -Arlo

Tweet from @Paige_Kraemer: @Megan_Carter_ @CatBelanger "Bo, wanna get together later?" - Arlo

As for Emma, the 4-year old German Shepard/Border Collie, she is acting like she's been there before.

Tweet from @MeaghanLoveday: Did someone say wine?!? ��@CatBelanger @Megan_Carter_ @Paige_Kraemer

I'm starting to feel like these dogs have a better social life than I do.

Well, there you have it. The Final Four for Bark Madness 2017 have been set and it's time to bust your bracket! Make sure you vote above in each match-up. Polls close Friday, March 24th at 11:59 p.m.

But more importantly, make sure you give back by purchasing one of the "We Are All K9s" calendars for ONLY $5! Buy them here! The purchase benefits the Kings Care Foundation and helps bring attention to 4 Paws 4 Patriots! You can check out a behind-the-scenes feature on the making of the LA Kings Calendar from Kings Weekly here! Also, Jeff and Megan Carter work tirelessly to help promote all the wonderful dogs that are available for rescue throughout Los Angeles with the Wags and Walks organization. You can always support Wags and Walks by fostering, rescuing or donating. And be sure to check out Sunny Saints, a St. Bernard Rescue that Courtney Muzzin is involved with that helps put big old (and young) good boys and girls into loving, caring homes where they can spread their love.

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