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by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings
J.-S Aubin has a new strategy for intimidating the opposing team while in net…Yo’ Mama Jokes.

Watch it now 700K.

Aubin exchanged Yo’ Mama quips with Sabres’ net minder Ryan Miller in a new AMP Energy Drink commercial that is airing on a television near you now.

“It was fun, I had a great time with it,” Aubin said. “I was nervous the first five minutes when I got there and everyone was there, the extras, the camera guys, the crew, the whole thing. I was like ‘wow, I don’t know if I can do this.’

“But once you get in there and you start doing it, you kind of forget about everything. It is almost like hockey, at first you look at the crowd and you think ‘wow, this is impressive,’ then after a while, you don’t care anymore.”

When asked what his favorite Yo’ Mama joke was, Aubin responded, “I don’t even remember, there were so many. It was a long day, like nine hours, which is a lot for 30 seconds.”

Aubin was flown in on a private jet for the taping, which took place Friday, Dec. 7, in between Kings games on Thursday, Dec. 6 vs. Buffalo and Saturday, Dec. 8 vs. Phoenix. Miller and the Sabres were on a west coast swing, playing the Ducks that Wednesday, the Kings the next night and San Jose on Dec. 8.

Some of Aubin’s jokes from the commercial:
“Yo’ mama is so ugly, a plastic surgeon sued her.”
“Yo’ mama is so ugly she made a mime scream.”

Aubin added: “I did one in French, it was a winning joke for my side.”

That would be a lot easier for Aubin, a native French speaker from Montreal, than the language that Miller had to speak, Chinese.

“It took me a while to get the Chinese down,” Miller told “They spelled it out phonetically and it took me about 20 times staggering over it. I probably said it 30 or 40 times in a row.”

Miller’s jokes:
“Yo’ mama is so ugly, she threw a boomerang and it never came back.”
“Yo’ mama is so ugly, they renamed Halloween, yo’ mama-ween.
And his winning joke spoken in Chinese: “Yo’ mama is so ugly, she made an onion cry.”

The two faced off in a ring-like setting with spectators flanked all around as the pair battled with their wisecracks because a “goalie must react in 0.5 seconds.” The two exchanged one-liners before Miller stumped Aubin with his Chinese zinger.

“He picked up Chinese pretty quick,” Aubin said of Miller, whom he routinely faced while playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins and Toronto Maple Leafs. “He was kind of reading it too, but he had it down. He is a good guy and he was very easy to work with.”

For his troubles, Aubin earned a stipend and a year’s supply of Pepsi products.

“I do not like to see myself on TV for some reason. Playing hockey is different, but on TV for interviews and stuff,” Aubin confided. “But everyone told me they liked it.

“You never know if the guys (his Kings teammates) are going to give you a hard time or not. But I have heard good things and I am happy with it.”

Just to be sure, checked with goaltender Jason LaBarbera, to take the pulse of the Kings locker room on the Aubin commercial.

“Honestly, I thought it was pretty good,” he said. “I was pretty impressed and really jealous. I enjoyed watching it.”

So has everyone else.

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