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by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings
Two weeks ago Kings fans emailed in questions for Kings goalie Jason LaBarbera. The following is what fans wanted to know and what LaBarbera's responses were in our January Ask A King.

Do you have any tips or tricks that you use in games that you can tell me, an aspiring goaltender? - Stan from L.A.

Always keep your eyes on the puck, no matter where it is.

Do you have any pre or post game rituals that you undertake on game day when you know you are the starter for the evening? - Kallie from Las Flores, CA

I get what I need as far as shots during the morning skate. Then, like everybody else, I go home and eat chicken and pasta. After that, I have a nap and then listen to Metallica before driving to the rink.

As a goaltender how do you keep up your confidence after a shaky goal or two that you know you should have had? - CB from Manchester, N.H.

Sometimes you get down on yourself, but it's important to stay intense and think about the good saves you made. You kind of have to forget about it and remember all of the good things you did.

I've heard your favorite band is Metallica; and that is why your mask is air brushed the way it is. What is your favorite Metallica song? - Rick from Boston, MA

I always listen to "Outlaw Torn" before I leave for the rink.

What do you think of the new rule that only lets you play the puck in the designated area behind the net? - Aron G. from Lancaster, CA

That rule is fine for a guy like me because I don't play the puck a whole lot. It really doesn't affect me.

I was really wondering how do you cope with the pressure in a shootout? - Colin from Pasadena

To me, it's totally different from what you did over the previous 65 minutes. You just have to pump yourself up and think about your timing while focusing on what the opponent is going to do. You also just have to be patient and wait for him to make the first move.

What is your favorite thing about Los Angeles other than the weather? - Matt, Marina Del Rey, CA

There is a lot to do and it's gorgeous out here. I love it.

My wife wants to know if you have a nickname on the bench/team? - Lucky from L.A

I have way to many. Here they call me "Barbs" or "Big Bear." In the past, I've been known as "Brutus LaBarbera Beefcake" and all of my buddies back home call me "Gonzo," so I'm all over the map.

Which NHL player would you least like to face in a shootout? - Gabby from Sunland

Mario Lemieux.

Are you and Mathieu Garon friends and do you do stuff outside of games and practice? - Stuart from L.A.

We get along great. We're both young guys. I like that I have somebody to talk to about the game and about the position. Away from the rink, we both have our own families, but at the rink and on the road we get along really well.

Which goaltenders have influenced your play? - Olaf from Sweden

Being a Vancouver Canucks fans growing up, Kirk McLean was the guy I always watched. I've styled my game after him and he's the guy I look up to.

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