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adidas is Saving the Oceans One All-Star Jersey at a Time

In an effort to raise awareness and end the destruction of our oceans, the adizero Parley 2019 NHL All-Star jerseys were created out of plastic water bottles

by Robyn Dutton @LAKings /

The NHL All-Star weekend brings together the most talented players in the world, so adidas has created a unique set of jerseys for the occasion. 

This year's jerseys are made of environmentally friendly materials through adidas' Parley for the Oceans line. Creators and leaders have collaborated to create Parley, which aims to raise awareness and end the destruction of our oceans.

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Plastic is a moldable and indestructible material, which when thrown out, doesn't go away, but rather pollutes our planet and the ocean.

Think about this: an entire truckload of plastic ends up in our oceans every minute. It not only kills sea life (hello, sea turtles), but it gets into our bloodstreames as we consume seafood. Essentially, we're feeding ourselves our own garbage. Seems a little messed up, no?

We have to avoid plastic. And moreover, we have to keep it out of the ocean.

How can we make a difference? The main responsibility lies in the hands of governments, the creative industries, major brands, the science community, and the consumers.

So, adidas is taking trash, specifically millions of plastic bottles, and making performance sportswear out of it. And that's just the start. 

Through Parley, adidas has produced soccer kits for Juventus and Manchester United, along with shoes, shirts and socks.

To tackle this major issue, adidas has also created the AIR strategy:

  • Avoid: we need to eliminate virgin plastic from our supply chain, which means no plastic bags and no microbeads
  • Intercept: simply put, stopping the plastic before it enters the ocean 
  • Redesign: adidas is driving eco-innovation around materials, products and new ways of using them

You can do your part by using reusable water bottles, shopping with reusable produce bags, choosing glass over plastic bottles, supporting environmentally conscious brands and by donating to help reverse the damage already caused. 

Because when the ocean dies, we die.

And we kind of like living, ok?  

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