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Active In The Community

by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings

In 2011, at the NHL Awards Show in Las Vegas, Dustin Brown earned the NHL Foundation Player Award for his service to our community.

Last month, at this year’s NHL Awards Show, Brown (along with Jonathan Quick) was on hand representing the Stanley Cup Champions.

Still, Brown’s commitment to our community does not waver. We recently asked him the following questions about the charity work that he does. Can you talk about why it is important to you to give back to the community?

Dustin Brown: I’m in a position to give back. A lot of the time it’s just giving my time back. That is the majority of what it is. Whether it’s going to the hospital or signing autographs or meeting a kid or making a big difference in somebody’s life. Like I said, we’re in a position as hockey players and pro athletes to make someone’s day just by spending a minute or two with them. What do you specifically do?

Dustin Brown: I did the hit-tracker again this year and we decided to work with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. It’s one of those things where now that I’ve done it for the last few years it’s actually simple to do, it’s just now we have to figure out what we want to do and we have a little more time to do that. And it goes beyond you, the entire team gets involved, right?

Dustin Brown: A lot of my individual stuff is pretty simplified because we can market it at the games and bring awareness to it. And lot of my stuff becomes team things. I wanted to build a playground and we ended up having four or five players come and help which is good sign. And from the team’s standpoint every time you talk about team fundraising or charity work I think the one thing that comes to mind is the Children’s Hospital visits. Whether you’re in a 10 game winning streak or a 10 game losing streak it put things into perspective and really makes a difference for those kids.

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