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by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings
On Jan. 20, 2007 the Kings will take on Wayne Gretzky and the Phoenix Coyotes. One year and one day after Luc Robitaille became the Kings all-time leading goal scorer, Los Angeles will celebrate the player that has become known as the "King of Kings" by retiring his No. 20. The greatest left wing the game has ever seen, Robitaille's jersey will join those of Kings legends Rogie Vachon, Marcel Dionne, Dave Taylor and Wayne Gretzky. was flooded with emails from fans expressing their thoughts on Luc...

Luc, Thanks for the memories. You are a true LA King Legend and an all-time fan favorite.
Jeff E., Placentia, CA

Nobody camped out in the crease more prolifically than Luc. We'll miss him dearly.
Scott T., Woodland Hills, CA

Thank you for all of the moments. You will always be remembered as the greatest player to ever wear the purple and black. Thank you and I can't wait to see your number up with all the other players Thank you.
Jason M., Tustin, CA

My favorite Luc moment was when the Kings went to the Stanley Cup Finals and he led the team in scoring with 125 points (63 goals and 62 assists) in the regular season!!! We will miss you Luc and thank you for all that you have done for our team and the community and have a Happy Retirement!
Kathy B., Bellflower, CA

Luc Robitaille is the ULTIMATE King, on and off the ice !!! Thanks so MUCH Luc !!! Congratulations on an OUTSTANDING career !!! There's no doubt why the L.A. Kings organization will retire your jersey !!! There will ONLY be one Luc Robitaille !!! All the VERY Best !!!
Bob F., Westlake Village, CA

I remember that Ian Laperrier's dad, who had cancer, came to a game when Luc scored a milestone goal. I don't remember which one, it may have been his 500th goal. After the game, Luc gave the puck to Lappy's dad. Lappy's dad said "Who am I that you should give me such a memorable puck" and Luc told him he wanted him to have it. Luc, you are a class act.
Greg H., Moreno Valley, CA

As an avid football fan (at the time), I sat down to watch a hockey game with my cousin from Buffalo (due to her probing of course). It so happened to be a Kings game... I can't even remember who they were playing now but... my jaw dropped as I watched this guy skate past two defenders and wrap around the back of the net and what? SCORE! This guy was Luc Robitaille.
He made me a "Rabid Hockey Fan" and encouraged my nephew to play ice hockey, which he does! Thanks Luc for the most wonderful introduction to hockey and the years of enjoyment watching you play with heart!
Kamala R., Aliso Viejo, CA

My favorite memory of Luc is when he held the Stanley Cup and skated around the ice holding the cup overhead! (wish it were with the Kings!). Luc, good luck in your new life. You a are a true class act, an inspiration and deserve only the best!
Vicki G., Agoura Hills, CA

I will never forget standing in line for the "Meet the Players" event last year and my family was one of the last ones to meet Luc and he was all smiles and talking to the kids like he had just been there a few minutes. He even encouraged my grandson (Luc) about his hockey game. Luc is really a class person - he does Hockey proud.
Dianne C., Westminster, CA

My favorite Luc moment was vs. the Detroit Red Wings, it was in Joe Louis Arena and Luc had control of the puck in the slot. Luc had just fallen down on his back but managed to stay in control of the puck. With his stick lying flat on the ice he swung it counter clockwise roughly 180 degrees and put the puck into the net! A truly amazing goal!
Thanks for the memory LUC! We were we LUCky to have you!
Best wishes to you and your loved ones.
Adolfo R., Altadena, CA

My favorite #20 moment has to be the game back in the early 90's where the Kings were playing the Calgary Flames at home (The Forum). A perfect night. Luc scored a Hat Trick, Wayne scored on a breakaway goal (a rare occasion if you can believe that), Kelly was in the pipes, and Hoggarth was the Ref (Man, we booed him lake crazy that night). On top of that, Luc was classic, he knew where to go. He had class out there. Kings won 7 - 4. That was the Kings team I'll always remember. I can still see those hats on the ice!!!!
Go Luc!
Jim G., a "Lucky" fan

My favorite memory from Robitaille was the day that he became the King of the Kings. Thank you for all the great games you played that kept me rooting for Los Angeles. You truly are the King of Kings and you will always be in our hearts. Luc, you are the best thing that happened to L.A.
Jackie D., North Hollywood, CA

Hey Luc!,
Thanks for the autograph!! I have watched you in person and on T.V. and you will be my favorite player ever in the NHL.
I'm coming to a kings game in TN sometime in February, and I might come to the STAPLES Center when you guys are handing out mini jerseys in March against the Dallas Stars.

Your biggest fan in TN, Chris W.

Robitaille is Los Angeles Kings hockey!!! There is no better known face of the Kings!
Thank you Luc!
Brian B.

Dear Luc,
I have been an L.A. Kings fan since I was very young. My dad used to work at the forum. There is no player in the league that I have seen so as much devotion to his team and fans as you. You have set a great example for current players to follow as a great leader and ambassador for the game. I humbly thank you for making the game such an important part of my life as well as any other fan. But I have followed your career for the last 20 years and I hope that you will continue to impact others have you have impacted the fans in L.A.
Jennifer R.

Luc's greatest moment was when you came back to rejoin the Los Angeles Kings in 2004. On, Jan. 19, 2005, you scored your 551st goal, that was my greatest moment of my life. I turned 18 on Jan. 12 and my birthday present was a Kings jersey with your name on it.
Thank You, Luuuuc
Joe F., Hacienda Heights, CA

Mr. Luc Robitaille was the reason I started to play hockey. I can remember several games of his, but the one that comes to mind is a game vs. San Jose. It was not televised and the game was up in San Jose. He had a hat trick that game along with Jari Kurri and the Kings won, 9-2. I just remember being 14 years old, sitting in the dark, listening to the game and jumping up and down bc Luc had a hat trick. God bless you and your family Lucky. I miss you skating.
Curtis M., Lexington, KY, a Kings Fan For Life

I hope your the both of your sons will have their numbers retired at Staples someday too.
Jon P., Venice, CA

Luc_FanI remember seeing Luc play in his rookie season, bugging my parents to take me to the Forum to watch him play. I cried with heartbreak when Luc was traded to the Pens, elation when he came back to LA, disappointment when Luc again left for Detroit and rejoiced when Luc again returned.
Last year, when Luc was contemplating retirement, I could tell that it was coming by the atmosphere surrounding the players at Toyota Center. I'll always remember the press conference and how it again brought me to tears, knowing that my all-time favorite Kings player's career had come to an end.
I just want to thank Luc for being such a wonderful person both on and off the ice, for never turning away an autograph or picture request, for always stopping to say hi and asking how we were doing when we'd run into him, and most of all for being my hockey hero and now my son's hero as well.
L.A. hockey will never be the same without Luc on the ice, thank goodness he decided to remain with the team in the front office.
We love you Luc.
Dawn, Kayla and Brendan M., South Bay, Ca

My favorite memory of Luc is being involved in Luc Mania. I still get chills all over when I think about his name being announced as a starter or after a goal is scored and hearing the LUUUUUUUUUUUC chant. There was no better sound than hearing the sold-out STAPLES Center crowd cheering for Luc. We'll miss you Luc and thanks for everything you gave us.
Chris H., Simi Valley, CA.

Thanks for the memories Luc. I truly enjoyed watching you play when I was a little girl and seeing you play in the NHL for 19 years! My favorite memory is when you finally got to hold up the Stanley Cup in Detroit, the look on your face was priceless, I was so happy for you. I will be there on your jersey night (flying all the way out from Calgary, Alberta Canada) to see it.
Your next stop is the Hockey Hall of Fame!! Can't wait till that happens for you. Miss you lots! Good luck!
Melanie S., Calgary, Alberta

The first year Luc played with the Kings, I was a coach for the Ontario (California) Jets Hockey Team. We put on a players' clinic and invited one or two of the Kings in case they could attend. Lo and behold, on an August day, there was a fuzzy-faced Luc Robitaille and Steve Duchesne at our clinic talking to the kids and encouraging them. We knew Luc was good, (as was Steve D) but we had no idea just how user friendly he really was. A great guy?¢?Ǩ¬¶great with the kids and the fans.
Alan M., Riverside, CA

My Favorite Luc moment was the time that he camped out in front of the other teams net and scored a garbage goal. Wait a minute, he did that 500 times. Thanks for the memories Luc.
Elizabeth D.

Best memory is of his final home game, I still have that one saved on TIVO. Just wish the shoot out goal would have gone in. Thanks for most of good memories of the recent past.
Ed F., Atlanta , Ga.

LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUC...nothing like it anymore...miss you and good luck in all your future endeavors.
Garry P., Torrance, CA

I have been a "Luc" fan for many years. I live in Northville, Mich. and have been a Detroit Red Wings fan since 1959. Needless to say when "Luc" came to the Detroit Red Wings I was thrilled.
When the Stanley Cup was won with "Luc" I was thrilled for the Wings but equally as thrilled for No. 20.
I was fortunate to meet him after one of the Red Wing games at Joe Louis arena in Detroit. We stood and talked for a few minutes and of course he was gracious enough to give me his autograph. I will treasure that forever.
I was sorry to see him leave Detroit but happy he went back to one of his favorite places to finish his career.
I consider Luc Robitaille and Steve Yzerman to be the two most gifted hockey players and well as two of the most humble and classiest players ever to play the game.
I wish him the very best in his retirement. Good luck in the future to you and your family Luc.
Carol L., Detroit, Mich.

The first game I ever watched was Luc's first game in the NHL. The look on his face when he made his first goal is a look I will never forget... and I have been hooked since. I have followed his career very closely over the years but I was happy to see him return home. I will never forget the night he scored his 551st goal or the night he played his last game at home. Both were memorable nights that I am happy to have been a part of. Luc is am amazing athlete and a genuine person with a heart of gold. It will be nice to see his No. "20" hanging up high next to the others. He will be missed on the ice but he will always be the "KING of KINGS!!
Jenny C., Torrance, CA

Gosh...what can you say....It is almost impossible to pick just one moment in such a prolific career. Luc has done so much for the sport of hockey, and more specifically hockey in Southern California that, even though he is no longer lacing up the skates 82 games a year, his presence alone in the Kings organization is inspiring. Luc has always been a class act, I can never remember a time when he has turned down a fan for an autograph or photo...even on an occasion where he had a toddler Jesse in hand (who was extremely ill)...he still took the time to stop for the fans! Thank you Luc for making our team YOUR team and giving us so many amazing moments....your critics may have doubted your skating abilities, but the Los Angeles Kings fans have always known that you would skate your way to the Hall of Fame! CONGRATS AND BEST OF LUCK!!
Heidi & Mark, Chino, CA

The first time I saw Luc was at the Forum, his rookie season as well as mine! I was there (forced) by my then boyfriend (we are married now)?¢?Ǩ¬¶.In college and needing to write an "expressive paper", I used the game, its fans, and Luc as my basis. Watching the Forum chant his name "LUC LUC LUC" after he scored three goals, and watching them throw hats onto the ice, I was taken back and drawn to the sport I now love! Today, my husband and I attend the games with my son Camrin who is also a Luc fan and hockey player himself! Thanks Luc, for the experience you gave me back in the 80's, for an "A" on my paper, and for making every game special to watch. No one hangs out in the crease like you do! You're the best! I will always wear my No. 20 Jersey with pride!
Brenda S., CA

I've been an LA Kings fan ever since Luc came into the league in 1986. I grew up on the East Coast of Canada (Saint John, New Brunswick) where everyone was either a Canadiens or Leafs fan. Every hockey practice and ball hockey game I played I wore the Kings No. 20 with pride. My greatest Robitaille moment was in 1994 when he was captain of the Canadian World Championship where he scored in the shootout to give Canada GOLD!!! My other favorite moment was on Dec. 3, 2006 when I saw him play in Montreal. I was amazed to see hundreds upon hundreds of people wearing Robitaille jerseys. I cannot wait to see his number raised to the rafters this Saturday.....yeap I'm making the 3400 mile trip to see it!! Thank you LUUUUUUUUUUC
Steve E., Canada

I have a lot of great memories of Luc. On the ice it would have to be when he scored his 500th goal. He scored two goals that night No. 499 and 500. It was great being there in person. It was a great millstone and a great moment.
Off the ice Luc is a class act. I got the pleasure of meeting him several times. He always took the time to talk to me and sign whatever I had. He is a true professional.
I will be there on the 20th to see my favorite player's number go up at Staples Center. I loved watching you play. Thank You for so many great memories and Thank You for being such a cool person. Luuuuuc!!!!!
Luc is King of Kings.
Jeff C., Pismo Beach, CA.

Congratulations Luc, You made It!
I am a huge Kings fan and I have too many memories of all your goals, milestones, and awards, but I will always remember one thing the most. I was visiting a friend of mine one summers day in Spring Valley Lake, CA, and her dad and I were discussing all of the memorabilia he had hanging in his office of you and the Los Angeles Kings. I asked him where he had gotten all of it from and he replied, "From Luc. His grandparents (or your wife's, I forget who) live next door." The very next thing I can remember is a black vehicle pulling into the driveway next door and sure enough, you got out of the driver's seat. You autographed three things for me that day, all of which I cherish to this day. Thank You so much. I'll never forget it. Good luck in the future, thanks for being the player you were, and thanks for representing the kind of man that all young men should aspire to be.
Brenden S., Fort Worth, Texas

I remember hearing all the buzz about Wayne Gretzky coming to LA, so I sat down to watch a game. I was mesmerized...but, not by Wayne. Luc captured my attention and my heart. I am a Hockey fan today because of him. I will never forget his last game in San Jose. He must have skated 12 minutes in the 3rd period. When HP Pavilion started chanting LUUUUUUC as he left the ice, I teared up. I wouldn't have missed it for the world! Luc, thanks for being who you are. Hockey is the greatest sport on earth because of you and the players that you lead!
Kelley D. Sacramento, CA (Season Ticket Holder)

LUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCC! My all time greatest LUC moment was back in 99'-00' when the Kings traveled to Washington to play the Capitals. I had grown up in LA but had relocated to Baltimore in 97' and missed the Kings so badly. I scored front row tickets to the Kings/Caps game, and arrived early to see the players. I was sitting in my Tony Granato jersey next to the Kings tunnel watching the warm ups, when I got the attention of Jay Leach. We spoke for a few minutes, and he asked me who I was there to see. I told him that I missed Kings hockey terribly, and was so glad to have them there since they came only once every other year. Jay said he'd see what he could do about getting me an autograph, and would ask the guys in the locker room before the game if anybody would come out to say hi.
They went in after the warm ups, and I sat thinking to myself "it's 5 minutes before the game, they are all in game mode, and nobody will come out." Next thing I know, here comes Blakey and LUC walking out to ME to sign my jersey and for a few photos. As photos were snapping away of them autographing my jersey, they both proceeded to make fun of me for 5 minutes about moving from LA to Baltimore. They said they looked forward to seeing me at the Tip a King in a few weeks, and what struck me the most was that at the end of our conversation, LUC took off his glove, shook my hand, and told ME that it was a pleasure to meet ME! Who am I??? He's the superstar!!! Thank you Luc! You are, and always will be, Kings hockey!
Doug K. Aberdeen, MD formerly Whittier, CA.

The King of the Kings...
My family's favorite moment was off the ice. I heard on the radio that Luc would be doing an interview that day in front of a live audience. My wife and I happened to be home that day and we rushed over to our kids school and pulled them out and went to the location of the interview. Unfortunately, we couldn't get in, it was already full. We got a tip that sometimes the athletes will sign a few autographs around back as they enter their car. We were the first ones there, but by the time Luc came out, there was a huge crowd. Luc was very accommodating, and told the rushing crowd not to worry, he would sign for everyone. In general, it seems that hockey players tend to be the most approachable, but Luc takes it to another level. We are so happy that we were fortunate enough to get tix for his jersey retirement. Thanks soooo much, Luuuuc!!!
Sam A., Long Beach, CA

Many years ago my son, Jeff, asked me to watch a Kings hockey game on TV and especially a player by the name of Luc Robitaille. I have been "hooked" ever since and have attended many Kings games and attended some practice sessions at Health South where I was fortunate to meet Luc. I was so pleased to find out Luc is as nice a person off the ice as on. He is such a warm and caring person and makes his fans feel special. I was so impressed with him that we named our Yellow Lab Luc after this exceptional person and hockey player and make sure everyone knows who he is named after. Thanks Luuuuuuuuuc for the wonderful memories and for making me a true Kings fan! You will be missed, but certainly not forgotten. You are a shining star on and off the rink.
Nancy C., South Lake Tahoe, CA

First, I would like to say THANK YOU to Luc, you brought such passion to the game of hockey and to the Kings it made it a joy to watch in both good years and bad. My favorite of all Luc memories is the night almost one year ago, Jan. 19, 2006, when you became the "King of Kings". It was the night I brought my nephew to see his first hockey game in person and what a game he got to see. Thank you for 19 years of highlights, Luc!
Robert, Simi Valley, CA
Season Ticket Holder and Kings fan since 1967!

Luc_FanI have been a Kings fan for 17 years, and have watched many players play for the team. On and off the ice no one player comes close to a great all around person like Luc Robitaille. My favorite personal moment was Jan. 19, 2006 (my birthday) Kings vs. Thrashers. Luc breaking the Kings all-time goal-scoring record with a hat trick. That same year at the annual Tip-a-King, I waited in line for two hours to meet Luc in person. When the other players took a break Luc stayed. Like many others I had my jersey signed and photograph taken, but Luc also signed my game ticket and wrote #551 telling me "Happy Birthday!" when I told him he broke the record on my birthday. Meeting Luc was like meeting Santa for the first time. You look forward to the moment, but when it came I was speechless. Thanks Luc for all the great memories on and off the ice.
Richard S., Los Angeles, CA

Luc, you are the greatest left winger in NHL history. The fun I had shouting "LUUUUC" at the games (and at home) gave me some of the happiest times in my life.I loved to watch you play. I love you and wish you the best and hope you stay involved with the Kings organization for many years to come. Thanks for the memories. See ya on the 20th !
Sheri M.


Luuuuc you have shown fans from all over that you are without a doubt the greatest KING to put on the sweater. Thank you for all the memories and most of all the GOALS. Congratulations on a truly incredible career, and good luck to whatever you proceed to do.
Clint A., Phoenix, AZ.

I started watching The Los Angeles Kings with my uncle Greg. He pointed you out to me. I have watched you all these years, and you have made me a true hockey fan. I can even understand the game now! You are a true legend Luc, and you will be missed by all. Happy retirement! Hopefully I will be there at the game on Sat. to watch them retire your jersey. Thank you for all your hard work over the years!!!! We love you LLLLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lorraine D., Panorama City, CA

I fell in love with hockey because of Luc! I met him when I was around 8 years old at the Iceoplex, where the kings used to practice. I skated around with some friends and on my way out I noticed that I didn't have my wallet. They let me back in to look around with someone who worked there when I stopped in my tracks because I saw Luc. He came up to me and I told him I lost my wallet. I told him I had his rookie card in my wallet and didn't want to lose it. He walked around with me and we found it in the stands where he signed my card. He walked me out of the rink and introduced me to a few players in passing. He was one of the nicest and most genuine people I have ever met. He's an all around guy who is great to his fans and the game. I love what he did for me and for hockey?¢?Ǩ¬¶ we are the "lucky" ones having the pleasure having Luc be our royal King of Kings. LUUUUUUC!
Sarah A., Orange, CA
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