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A Quick Q & A

by Jeff Moeller / Los Angeles Kings
Jonathan Quick
Kings goalie Jonathan Quick, along with Tim Thomas of the Boston Bruins, are serving as the back-up goalies to Ryan Miller and Team USA. chatted with Quick – who this season is one win shy of breaking the Kings’ all-time single season victory mark for a Kings netminder -- by phone on Wednesday afternoon, and he answered the following questions: Can you talk about the back-up/third goalie role you currently have with Team USA as it is probably something you are not accustomed to?

Quick: It is something that you do have to get used to doing. I am accustomed to playing all the time. This is a situation where you check you ego at the door and you do whatever you can as far as trying to help your team win a Gold Medal, whether it is what you are doing in practice to help or just being there for support. I am up for doing whatever I am asked of here. When you have not dressed as Ryan Miller’s back-up, where are you during the games?

Quick: It has been a little bit of everything so far. I have watched periods from the locker room. I have watched periods from the stands. I was in the Players Association’s suite during the US-Canada game. You go back and forth a little. Sometimes you go down in between periods but the team is really trying to focus then. But no matter where I have been watching the games you still are rooting your team on and you are hoping for the best. What has your interaction been like with Ryan Miller and Tim Thomas so far?

Quick: They are both very good goalies and we get along great. Thomas is in a similar situation as I am in that he hasn’t been playing. But I know he has the thought process that I have – do whatever he can do to help the team win Gold. Miller has been phenomenal so far and I don’t see why he won’t keep playing great for us. Now we just prepare for Friday and hope for the best going forward. How much has it helped you to have Dustin Brown and Jack Johnson there?

Quick: It goes a long way. I don’t have a lot of international experience so to have the familiar faces of two guys who I do play with year-round has been great. It helps with the transition. That is not to say that the other guys on our team are not becoming more familiar, which they are as we gel well and we all get along well. Upon your arrival in Vancouver, there was an issue with your mask. Can you talk about that situation?

Quick: I guess the IIHF regulations, or the Olympic rules, don’t allow you to have certain things on your helmet. I usually have my name on my chin, and I had to block that out, and I had “Support Your Troops” across the back and I had to block that out. I also had the USA logo on the top of my helmet and I had to block that out. I guess it has to do with rules and endorsement deals. They factors those things in. It hasn’t made a difference to me because we are here to win a Gold Medal so it wasn’t an issue. When you say “block” it out, does that mean putting a piece of tape over it?

Quick: Yes. you have worn your Kings mask there or is that not allowed?

Quick: I could have but I would have had to block out my name on the chin and probably the Kings logo. Those are probably the only two things they would have had an issue with. Have you seen any other Olympic events yet?

Quick: I watch a lot of events on TV. The only channels we get in the Olympic Village are Olympic channels. I have watched a lot of curling and speed skating. I haven’t gotten to any other events so far. The building we live in features American athletes only. I have met many of the women’s hockey players, some of the curlers and some of the speed skaters. They are just as excited to be here as we are. finally, your wife is there with you during this experience. She is also due to have your first baby relatively soon. Can you talk about the possibilities of something happening there where your baby would be born in Vancouver?

Quick: We do that run that risk right now. It is not something we want to happen right now but if it does happen up here it happens. We will prepare for that then. But all signs point to us delivering back in L.A.
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