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A Letter To Kings Fans

by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings

Dear Kings Fans –

It seems like only yesterday that that our Kickstarter campaign was in full gear and I wondered where this adventure would ultimately take us. Would we succeed? Would we fail?

Who knew things were about to change in a very big way. Since those tough days of 2014, things have been moving along in a much more positive fashion. Sometimes maybe not the speed we would like them to move forward in but, well, moving along nonetheless. I’ll get to that in a moment.

More importantly, we can’t thank enough the Los Angeles Kings and their fans for their support and ultimately reaching our campaign goal.  At times, our challenging moments seem to never end but we refused to give up. It was amazing to have the Kings and their fans reach out to us and offer us the most important assist ever! We are most gracious and will always remember your kindness.

We wanted to bring you up to date on what is happening with Marsatta Chocolate and our desire to move into a new location here in the South Bay. Up to now, it's been a lot of hurry up and wait. We were ready to move in back in January however some environmental building issues kept the project delayed.

Prior to us taking over the space, the location used to be occupied by a floral shop. As you are probably aware, with flowers comes dampness. Chocolate does not work very well with dampness!  In addition, the space was poorly maintained over the past 30 plus years and so renovations and having the building to code is certainly priority number #1 for us. This week they started the renovations and we hope to open in the next month or two. We are crossing our fingers! 

The retail area seems smaller than a penalty box but we think kids and kids at heart are going to enjoy the visual effects of the store. There will be two viewing windows so you will have the opportunity to watch the cacao bean and chocolate making process. It's going to be exciting!  We also have on order some amazing chocolate equipment that will be able to keep up with our orders that continue to come in. We just have to figure out how we are going to transport two large pallets from overseas!

All along, it has been our inability to keep up with our chocolate orders that has kept us from growing. We have ordered a winnowing machine which in the chocolate-making process, winnowing helps to separate the husks from the nibs. We pour our carefully roasted beans into this winnowing machine, where they're cracked open and separated through a vacuum-powered wind vortex. The roasted nib is the essence of chocolate, and we want as much of it going into our small-batch gourmet chocolate as possible. Ready for a little of that authentic cocoa flavor right now?  I know. We can’t wait either!

Don't worry, however.  Once you come for a visit you'll better understand how to make chocolate from scratch and check out our very own Kings Corner.  So for now, there’s a lot of waiting and being patient while the Oompa Loompas get their work done.  In addition, we are still looking for a chocolate display case, some wooden tables and chairs/stools, a hood for the kitchen and maybe a larger convection oven to make our shop complete.

Many have also wondered how are brave young warrior is doing. It is still surprising that our lives took such a different turn last September evening. Instead of heading to the hockey rink that night for our daughter Emma’s practice, we headed to the emergency room! I remember we had very little time to think and only moments to greet our son Dustin who was born at 30 weeks and 3.5 lbs., and some serious health concerns. Dustin was released from the hospital after a 2 month stay. This was so much more different then we envisioned that night heading to hockey!

Today he is growing (13 lbs.!) and we are kind of getting used to the heart and breathing alarm monitor that sounds off at least once or twice a night. Last week, Dustin saw the neurologist and according to his doctor his MRI on his brain is looking better.  We are hopeful that over time his overall health will only continue to improve.  He also saw a physiotherapist a couple of weeks back but unfortunately fell asleep during the session. We should have warned them that we think he only needed some hockey stimulation! 

When he does get irritable and Mom is away (usually during the day), I place him in front of NHL Network or a rebroadcast of the Kings game on FOX Sports West from the previous night and it seems to do the trick every time. He stops crying and just watches the play with a sense of true tranquility or until its feeding time.
Hey, whatever works, right?  Look for another update soon. In the meantime ....Go Kings Go!

Thank you so much for your support.

Yours in chocolate and hockey,

Jeffray D. Gardner
Chocolate Maker 

Marsatta Chocolate

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