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by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings
Tony Gasparini, Amateur Scout
Kings Amateur Scout Tony Gasparini agreed to sit down with and share his thoughts on the 2007 NHL Entry Draft. Check out the first of his three entries below as Kings fans will get an inside look at the life of an NHL scout...And don't forget to tune in on Friday night and on Saturday night after Rounds One and Two of the NHL Entry Draft as Gasparini will report for Without any further ado, presents, "A Chance to Exhale" by Tony Gasparini. Day I Blog  | Day II Blog

I think when the day is done here and we have a chance to exhale, we walked away very pleased with the players that we got. We got a lot of guys that have a lot of assets and strengths to their games that are near the NHL level. That is what I think you walk away from the draft hoping to have.

Once we started the day, going from the second round down, we had a good idea of where people were going to go. It is important to know that that shouldn't reflect where they were on our list and what we thought of them and what round they were taken. When it is all said and done, it doesn't matter if you are the 10th pick or the 110th pick, if you are a good enough player you are going to make it to the National Hockey League. And we are very happy to have landed this group and watch them grow and develop.

Our job now as an organization is to help these young men in anyway that we can, get to the National Hockey League. Every time you see these draft picks play, you are evaluating them and seeing their strengths and talking to them about some of the things they can improve upon and need to improve before they make that next step.

The dynamics of our staff is phenomenal. We have a group of guys that can put their egos aside and put their heads together. There are always going to be disagreements and people pushing for players at different spots, but one of the best things about this staff, when it is all said and done, we mesh very, very well and we seam to complement each other's strengths.

I consider myself, and I can speak for the group on this one, to be extremely lucky to be paid for something that I love to do. This is not work. Now that I said it out loud, I know that is the way the rest of the guys feel. When you feel thatt way about your job, it is very easy to work extremely hard.

-Tony Gasparini

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