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Ticket Buying Tips & Tricks

Are you looking to buy or sell Winnipeg Jets tickets?

Winnipeg Jets SeatExchange is the only online, safe, reliable and legitimate ticket re-sale site officially authorized by the Winnipeg Jets Hockey Club. Available tickets come directly from Season Seat Holders that are unable to use their seats for Games.

As a buyer, you are guaranteed that the seats purchased for a Winnipeg Jets game are 100% legitimate and represent an actual seat in Bell MTS Place. Only SeatExchange can provide this guarantee because the tickets have originated through the Winnipeg Jets ticketing systems

Go to ( to browse seats that may be posted (subject to availability).


Buyer Beware!

If you buy a ticket from an open resale market source other than SeatExchange or an online classified advertising service such as Kijiji, you have no way of knowing whether the ticket you purchased is counterfeit, invalid or an actual seat in Bell MTS Place. There is no easy way to spot a fake ticket, which is why where you buy your tickets is important. Winnipeg Jets SeatExchange will cancel the original barcode and assign you a new one, so you will be guaranteed that your ticket is valid.


Ticket Purchasing Tips

To avoid ticket fraud please keep the following important things in mind.

  • Avoid buying tickets from unofficial websites. Many of these websites use names that are similar sounding in order to lead buyers away from verifiable listings.
  • Do not buy tickets off the street or outside the venue
  • Do not accept screenshots of tickets. Multiple copies of these pictures may be sent out, or they may be invalid.

Be safe in all of your ticket purchases and make sure you are visiting ( to ensure you are purchasing official Winnipeg Jets tickets.

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