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Transfer Policy FAQs

Transfers from One Individual to Another Individual

Yes, but generally only among "immediate family members" as defined in our Policy. Instances of divorce/separation and death may also result in a transfer from one individual to another.

Transfers to an Immediate Family Member

Yes, for example step-fathers/mothers, step-brothers/sisters, step-sons/daughters, etc. may be considered an "immediate family member". Ultimately, whether we consider a potential transferee to be an "immediate family member" will be in our discretion.

We require a copy of any documentation that can be presented as proof of the relationship (i.e. Marriage certificate, Birth certificate or admissible legal documentation). Where such documentation cannot be provided, we require a letter signed by both parties confirming their relationship to one another.

Transfers Upon Divorce or Separation

We require a copy of a Court Order or an executed Settlement Agreement confirming legal ownership of the Season Seats.

Transfers Upon Death

Ideally, we would like to see a copy of the Grant of Probate issued by the Court. In some circumstances, however, a copy of the account holder's Will or other documentation confirming the account holder's intention may be considered.

Corporate Transfers

Yes, but only if the individual is a director, shareholder or officer of the corporation.

A corporate document such as the corporation's articles of incorporation, a corporate resolution, an annual return, etc. confirming the proposed transferee's position within the corporation will be required. We will also require a letter signed by another shareholder, director or officer of the corporation consenting to the transfer on behalf of the corporation. In the event that the proposed transferee is the only shareholder, director and/or officer of the corporation, a corporate document confirming that they are the only shareholder, director and/or officer will be sufficient.

Yes, but only in limited circumstances. For example, we may permit a transfer between two affiliated corporations (i.e: if True North Sports & Entertainment Limited wanted to transfer to TN Arena Inc.) but only upon receiving sufficient documentation confirming the relationship between the two corporations. Any such proposed transfers should be forwarded to in-house legal counsel for review.

Deadline for Transfers

The deadline for submitting a Transfer Application Form for each NHL Season is March 1st in order to be effective for the forthcoming season commencing in September. Any transfer applications submitted after March 1st will be held on file and considered the following year.

The transfer would not be considered for the 2017-2018 NHL Season, rather it would be considered for the 2018-2019 NHL Season.

Transfer Applications MUST be mailed in or presented in person to the Winnipeg Jets Offices located at 345 Graham Avenue.

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