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SeatExchange FAQs

Jets SeatExchange is an online service that enables safe and secure ticket re-sale transactions. It is the only official and authorized re-sale site of the Winnipeg Jets Hockey Club and is in conjunction with the NHL SeatExchange platform.

The Jets SeatExchange is the only authorized ticket reseller of Winnipeg Jets game tickets. Season Seat Holders who are found selling their seats on un-authorized platforms will have their season seats revoked with no refund, as stated in their Ticket Purchase Agreement.

Only Jets SeatExchange can guarantee 100% legitimate tickets, because the seats sold through Jets SeatExchange were first sold using the Winnipeg Jets ticketing systems. If you buy a ticket that is resold through a source other than Jets SeatExchange, you have no way of knowing whether the ticket you purchased is counterfeit or has been invalidated. However with Jets SeatExchange, once you buy a ticket, we cancel the original barcode and assign you a new one, so you have the security of knowing for certain the ticket being delivered to you is valid. Don't be fooled by other website guarantees: there is a lot of fine print and exceptions in those guarantees. They do not have a way to fully validate the authenticity of the ticket. By using the Jets SeatExchange you are supporting the Winnipeg Jets Hockey Club and helping ensure that NHL hockey is prosperous in the City of Winnipeg.

Sellers log on securely to their Jets Account and select the seats they would like to sell back for re-sale on Jets SeatExchange. Sellers are notified when their seats sell or if their posting has expired without a purchaser. Sellers are guaranteed payment for seats sold, without having to collect payment or deliver the tickets to the buyer. Buyers simply select the seat(s) they want based on price and location, without having to bid against other buyers, without having to coordinate delivery from anonymous sellers, and without the gamble that the seats are illegitimate. Upon purchase, tickets guaranteed authentic are delivered via email or left at Bell MTS Place will-call.

The Province of Manitoba regulates the reselling of tickets to all entertainment and sporting events, limiting the re-sale price to no more than the ticket's face value. This includes Winnipeg Jets hockey games. The Jets SeatExchange software is designed to aid compliance with individual re-sale laws. The minimum and maximum posting price will be built in to Account Manager to ensure that seats are being sold within the provincial guidelines. While Jets SeatExchange does its best to ensure legal compliance with applicable provincial laws, ultimately, complying with re-sale laws is the responsibility of the ticket seller.

Consumers who sell their seats via Jets SeatExchange receive payment directly from the Winnipeg Jets as an Account Credit. Season Seat Holders have two options for Seat Exchange credits: Leave on Account - for use towards a future invoice, have a cheque sent out - paid in the month following re-sale. Since Jets SeatExchange facilitates the transaction, we collect payment from the buyer and remit payment to the seller, ensuring a hassle-free seller experience. It's that easy. Payments will be made quarterly to those with an outstanding re-sale balance.

Tickets are delivered via Ticketmaster's Paperless ticket options. In some cases, Will-Call pick-up may be offered or required.

If your seat(s) sell, you will receive as your proceeds an amount that equals 100% of the face value of your individual tickets. There are no fees associated with selling your seats back for re-sale.

The buyer will pay fees that may be reflected during the purchase process or that may be included in the final price of the seat. These charges include the regular Agency Convenience and processing Fees and a 10% Buyer Fee.

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