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Welcome to Winnipeg Jets Season Seat Deposit Relocation 2021

We are pleased to introduce the Virtual Venue tool, a 3D rendering of Canada Life Centre. Access to the Relocation Window will be offered through Priority Waves. You will receive an email approximately 48 hours in advance of your Priority Wave. Relocations FAQ's can be found at Please contact our Account Service Team with any questions not covered in the FAQ's. or (204) 926-5511.

1. Login

Click the link in your Wave Access email (
Login to Winnipeg Jets Account Manager using your email address and password.

Click the link in your Wave Access email.
Login to Account Manager to begin.

2. Select Seats

Select your Season Seat deposit(s) for relocation. 
If you have multiple sets of season seats, be sure to ONLY click Select Seats next to the seat block you wish to relocate. 
Selected seats are shown using a dark blue checkmark. 
To continue, click Next >.

3. Virtual Venue

Your current seats are shown using a yellow pin.
Sections with available seats are shown with a green dot.
Use the View Finding tool (top left) to rotate the Venue.
Please explore the view from multiple directions.
Hover your mouse over a section to see a sample view.
Click a Section to look for available seats using a more detailed Seat Map.

4. Seats Map

Available seats are shown in green. 
Prices shown are for the Season Seat Deposit, not the annual Invoice amount for that location.
Visit for current season seat pricing.
Virtual Venue will default to selecting a seat block equal to what you have chosen to relocate. As you move the mouse over available seats, they turn a light blue. 
Click to select all seats marked in light blue, and continue to the approximated view from that location.

5. Seat view

Click/tap and drag the screen to pivot the camera 360* to experience the approximated view.
Click Reset View to return the camera to centre ice.
Click Compare Seats to collect up to three seat locations to compare. You will remain in the current seat view until you click < Back. Do not click Back in your browser.
NOTE: Locations are not reserved while you compare. Until you click Add to Cart, others can select a seat location you are comparing. 
Click Add to Cart to select your relocation seats. 
Click Continue to move to your Shopping Cart.

6. Compare Seats

Prices shown are for the Season Seat Deposit, not the annual Invoice amount for that location.
Visit for current season seat pricing.
Click the trash can icon to remove a seat comparison.
Click Add to Cart to continue with a location.

7. Review

Please review your relocation transaction.
Any difference in Season Seat Deposit cost is shown.
Once you click Checkout, your current seats will become available to other Season Seat Holders for relocation.
Click Checkout to complete the relocation.

8. Delivery

Choose Relocation from the dropdown menu.

9. Submit Order

Click that you have read and accept Terms & Conditions.
Click Submit Order.
Thank you! You will see confirmation of your Relocation. A copy will be emailed to you automatically.
Our Account Services Team will review your relocation and prepare a new Seat Holder Agreement.