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Loading Games to Jets Pass

Primary Account Holders cannot transfer seats directly to a Share Partner's Jets Pass. The Primary Account Holder must first Forward seats to the Share Partner. The Winnipeg Jets office will mail a Share Partner Jets Pass to the Share Partner and activate the Jets Pass within Winnipeg Jets Account Manager.

If you are a Share Partner receiving a Forwarded ticket transfer offer, the transfer does not automatically load to your Jets Pass. You must choose to load the game by following the steps below.

Only a Share Partner Jets Pass is eligible to store ticket information for multiple seats and games. Tickets cannot be loaded onto a Primary Account Holder Jets Pass.


Once logged in, select the manage my tickets button. From the calendar screen that follows, choose the game you wish to transfer.


Click the Move to Card tab. Click the checkboxes at the bottom of the screen to select the seats you wish to transfer to your Share Partner Jets Pass. If you are transferring seats from more than one game, click the manage more tickets button on the right side of the screen, and choose a new game. The total number of seats you selected is shown in the transfer (X) button. When you have finished selecting seats, click transfer (X) to continue.


Verify you are transferring the correct seats to your Share Partner Jets Pass. Your Share Partner Jets Pass information should be listed below. Click the circular button next to your name, and then click next step to continue.

If the last four digits on your Share Partner Jets Pass do not match the last four digits on the barcode of the back of the Jets Pass you received, or if you do not see a Jets Pass listed, please contact your Account Service Representative using the contact us link at the top of the page.


Agree to the Terms of Use and click complete transfer. You will receive a confirmation email listing all of the games you have transferred to your Share Partner Jets Pass.


You can verify if a seat has been loaded to your Share Partner Jets Pass by returning to the home screen and clicking either manage my tickets or manage this event.

Any ticket that you have previously printed will automatically be voided by the transfer to your Jets Pass. Likewise, printing a ticket after it has been loaded to your Share Partner Jets Pass will remove the seat from your Jets Pass.

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