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My Game Day - Mark Scheifele

An inside look at Scheifele's game day routine

by Mitchell Clinton @MClinton007 /

8:15 am - Wake up and drive to the rink

Usually I'll have an egg white omelet, some oatmeal, and some toast depending on how I'm feeling.

9:30 am - Meeting

We usually have a power play meeting or a certain meeting in the morning. Then you do a bit of stretching, some warming up, and feeling your body out.

10:30 am - Morning Skate

I go on the ice, do your certain drills you like to do, go through the motions and feel the puck a little bit. For me, once I feel the puck and I feel good with it, I get off, and roll out a little bit.

12:00 - Lunch

Chicken, rice, beets, and broccoli. Then I'll head home and take a nap. It varies from 45 minutes to an hour and a half I'd say.

2:30 pm - Wake up

I'll wake up, eat some more chicken, rice, and broccoli. I'll go to the rink. I always grab Starbucks on my way.

4:20 pm - Arrive at rink

I'll get there, tape my stick, change my laces if I need to, kind of get all my gear ready. Then have another snack - either a granola bar or a bowl of oatmeal - something to keep my stomach from growling.

5:15 pm - Meetings

I go through the meetings with the team, and I drink beet juice.

I do my warm up before the game. I always get Pritchy (Massage Therapist Al Pritchard) to work on my forearms before the game, Shawzy (Assistant Athletic Therapist Brad Shaw) works on my hips, then get dressed and head out for warm up.

7 pm - Game Time

10:30 pm - Post Game

I usually do a little bit of a workout, roll out, then shower and eat.

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