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Jets announce individual game ticket information

by Staff Writer / Winnipeg Jets
The Winnipeg Jets Hockey Club today announced information on individual game tickets for their inaugural 2011-12 season.

With the overwhelming demand for individual game tickets, the Winnipeg Jets Hockey club has made a commitment to provide unbiased access to game tickets for all fans. To do so, the hockey club will be launching a random draw program to determine individual game ticket purchasers. This random drawing will allow for fair and equal distribution of game tickets to Winnipeg Jets fans as well as ensure that a maximum number of fans are given the opportunity to purchase tickets so no one person has greater access than the next. The details for the random drawing program is as follows:
  • Winnipeg Jets individual game tickets will go On-Sale approximately the 3rd Saturday of each month for the following months games.
    • i.e. October games go on-sale on September 24th, November games go on-sale on October 15th, December games go on-sale November 19th, etc.
  • Individual game ticket purchasers will be determined via a random draw.
  • Starting September 15th, Jets fans can complete an online ballot at that will be entered into the draw. Only one entry per person will be acknowledged.
  • Each month, fans will be randomly chosen and provided a unique password that they will then use on a private page at to purchase seats. Only the selected accounts will have access to available tickets.  
  • Draw winners will be given the opportunity to purchase two tickets. These tickets can be split up as one pair to one game or two singles to two games
  • Ballot entry will remain open throughout the season. Fans DO NOT have to re-enter each month.  Winning names are not re-entered into the draw once they have been selected
  • Any unclaimed seats after the random drawing program period will be offered to the Waiting List members, then open to the general public.

The Winnipeg Jets will be employing a variable pricing model for individual game tickets, meaning that certain games are priced differently than others. The games will be divided into three groups – ‘A’ games, ‘B’ games, and ‘C’ games.

All individual game tickets will be priced based on the following grid:

Category pricing
'C' Games
'B' games
'A' Games
P1 $161.25 $180.60 $199.95
P2 $142.50 $159.60 $176.70
P3 $117.50 $131.60 $145.70
P4 $98.75 $110.60 $122.45
P5 $80.00 $89.60 $99.20
P6 $67.50 $75.60 $83.70
P7 $48.75 $54.60 $60.45

Please visit the Ticket Information Page for the Game Group Breakdown.

The Winnipeg Jets will also launch Jets TicketExchange on Monday, September 19 at 10:00 am. Jets TicketExchange is an online service that enables safe and secure fan-to-fan ticket sales transactions. It is the only official and authorized re-sale site of the Winnipeg Jets Hockey Club and it works in conjunction with the NHL TicketExchange platform. Jets fans will be able to view and purchase tickets by visiting

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